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Added February 7, 2012


Surfez, vous etes payé! Naviguez comme à votre habitude,ous vous versons jusqu'à 15€ par an! Envie de plus ? Visite de sites, sondages, tests de service... Nos clients payent pour ces actions : effectuez-les et touchez ce qui vous revient de droit !

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Added February 3, 2012 - меняй валюту с выгодой! Мониторинг курсов обменных пунктов.

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Added February 2, 2012


Save lists of items you want on the internet.

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Added February 2, 2012


Earn free money to give to the causes you care about every time you shop online at your favorite stores. The add-on also shows discounts and coupons available at these stores as you shop.

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Added February 1, 2012

shoppen.maxxidee Toolbar

Immer die aktuellsten Aktionen von direkt im Browser.

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Added February 1, 2012


Selección de productos para Facebid

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Added January 29, 2012

eBay-Searchresult List-Fullsize and remove Popups

Shows the searchresult-list in fullscreen and removes the disturbing Popups that appears when mouseover.

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Added January 28, 2012

惠买购物助手 - 网购比价利器

自动全网比价,在您访问京东,淘宝,天猫,亚马逊,一号店,苏宁,国美,易迅,当当,唯品会,新蛋等上百家网上商城时,立即为您提供更低的价格和更多的选择。购物助手安装完成后可以打开例如 这样的商品页面,在网页下方就会出现比价条。


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Added January 26, 2012 - Gutscheinalarm

Informiert direkt über die Infoleiste, wenn für Ihren aktuell aufgerufenen Online-Shop gültige Gutscheine und Rabatte bei vorliegen

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Added January 25, 2012


Easy-Price lets you compare prices of products and services that interest you ... You have nothing to do: Easy-Price will automatically add the price, products or services you want on the page.

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Added January 23, 2012

MyCoupons Add-on

Get Online Coupon Codes for your favorite sites, and it also shows you discounted Gift Card Codes! No other toolbar does this for all of your favorite online merchants! Stays hidden until savings are available, no annoying popups.

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Added January 20, 2012

dealnews Sidebar

Find deals and store coupons while you shop on your favorite sites.

Never miss a bargain again. This browser add-on will automatically find coupons for the sites that you visit most frequently, without interrupting your shopping experience.

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Added January 20, 2012


This addon will automatically alert you if there is a coupon code for the merchant you visit and allows you to compare prices of products and services that interest you ...

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Added January 17, 2012

Wish Pocket Add Tool No Restart

注意!:事前に Firefox の他のタブ等で Android と同じ Google アカウントでログインしておく必要があります

Android 向けお買い物リストアプリである Wish Pocket への商品(アイテム)追加ツールです。

インストールすると拡張バー(下のバー)に Wish Pocket アイコンが表示されます。欲しいアイテムの Web サイトを表示している状態でこのアイコンをクリックすると Wish Pocket へ追加されます。

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Added January 13, 2012


a basic add-on

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Added January 10, 2012



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Added January 8, 2012

kitappara,, gibi internet uzerinden kitap satisi yapan sitelerdeki kitap fiyatlarini sitesinde karsilastirir.

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Added January 8, 2012


Първата Firefox приставка, с която следите в реално време кои са най-купуваните оферти.

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Added January 6, 2012


Get immediate access to coupons and deals from 3,500+ stores while you shop online. Never miss a deal again!

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Added January 5, 2012