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Viral Threat Level

Adds an image to the status bar indicating the current threat level of the internet. It allows quick access to security information that you can use to help protect yourself, and links to antivirus software comparisons and security extensions.

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Added February 19, 2007


An implementation of webpage...

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Added February 17, 2007


OpenPGP Enhancements to HTTP. Implement Secure Session Management (user/password-less login to mod_openpgp enabled Apache webservers) and Signed Requests. Enigform has won the 2nd Prize for Les Trophees du Libre Security Category.

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Added February 15, 2007

Show MyIP

Displays your current IP address. If you have a static IP (Internet Protocol) address, this number will stay the same each time you visit. If you have a dynamic IP, the number will change each time you log on to the internet (or your ISP assigns a...

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Added February 14, 2007

XML Digital Signature Tool

XML Digital Signature Tool is a Firefox add-on for processing Digital Signature in XML documents
(Please read the installation instruction in the "Developer Comments" section before downloading)

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Added February 13, 2007


Easy spoofing of the URL referer (referrer) featuring a toolbar

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Added February 12, 2007

Edit Cookies

This extension is now being partly maintained by Abine
New version of Edit Cookies by us is here:
Send us any feedback about what you

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Added February 11, 2007

Key Manager

KeyManager Tool: Firefox Add-on for Key Generation, Certificate Enrollment, CRL Signing, and Identity and Authority Delegation

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Added February 6, 2007

CookieMan Context

Adds a context menu to Firefox's cookie manager and permissions dialogs.

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Added February 5, 2007

Process Library

Find the latest information about spywares, adwares, trojans, viruses, system processes and common...

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Added February 5, 2007


Import proxy lists in different formats, available from or
or import Proxys from any webpage directly.

proxySel does NOT contain spyware of any kind.

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Added February 3, 2007


A free virus and malware online scan...

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Added February 2, 2007

Configuration Mania No Restart

More Advanced (hidden) configures

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Added January 29, 2007


Create a temporary e-mailadress for 12 hours. Perfect when signing up on websites or forums and dont want to give away your personal e-mailadress...

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Added January 19, 2007

Header Spy

Shows HTTP headers on statusbar.

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Added January 11, 2007


Shows whether the application is running with admin privileges, using an icon in the status bar; useful if logged in as an administrator and you use privilege limitation tools such as DropMyRights, RunAs or Windows Vista/7's User Account Control.

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Added January 8, 2007

Password Finder

Adds a find function to password...

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Added December 19, 2006

Public Fox Featured

Block downloads, lock down bookmarks/addons/downloads with a password.

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Added November 19, 2006


Report easily web sites using spamdexing methods to artificially improve their ranking through simplified access to Google's SpamReport service (

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Added November 15, 2006

Fingerfox (SE)

Use MS Fingerprint Reader with Firefox and Thunderbird...

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Added November 14, 2006