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ResizR Requires Restart

Resize images using...

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11 users

The Music Hutch Toolbar Requires Restart

The Music Hutch ToolbarrnrnAllows users to shuffle and search music and music videos that members upload to The Music Hutch.

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13 users

Witchhammer Requires Restart

Easily find bands or albums at with Witchhammer! Select text, right click, and click "Find at Metal Archives".

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234 users

DM BBCode Extension Requires Restart

This extension adds an entry into your menu when you right click on stuff to make the relevant BBCode for you and copy it into your clipboard. It can also apply common bbcode to selected text within a textarea and integrates with a free image host.

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20 users

ImagesBasket Uploader Requires Restart

Host images with right click to

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1 user

WebTaps Requires Restart

WebTaps HDTV and Touch-Screen web browsing software. Enables web browsing on PC-connected HDTVs without a keyboard. Enables web browsing without a keyboard on touch screen PCs.

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2 users

CanImage Requires Restart

CanImage is a HUB for images. It opens images from many different sources (webpage images, files, clipboard, screenshots), let you changes them with an image editor and push it to many different places (files, clipboard, file inputs, dataUri...).

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (3)
105 users Toolbar Requires Restart

Firefox toolbar extension for comic book collection management.

Rated 1 out of 5 stars (1)
7 users Image Uploader Requires Restart

Easy and fast image uploading from a simple right click...

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38 users

TIPISH! Uploader Requires Restart

See preview image

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CDR Móvil Radio Requires Restart

Escucha todas las emisoras FM y online de Central de Radios.

..:: AYUDA: para instalar en el toolbar seguir estos pasos ::..

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323 users

EKO dEs GARriGuEs - Avant-Garde French Radio (On Air) Requires Restart

Listen to south of France\'s first electronica & avant-garde radio station. The older free independent radio in Occitania. 4 different streams. Shows current sessions. Suggest menu to propose an audio file. A discrete button in the status bar.

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Anaglyph 3D Requires Restart

Convert image to 3d image (anaglyph).

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837 users

OpenAttribute Requires Restart

Displays license and attribution information for Creative Commons licensed content.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (9)
519 users

offensiveX Requires Restart

Allows native rightclick functionality to rehost images at

Not yet rated
1 user

Keekto Requires Restart

Keekto is a multiplatform service allowing to share links (web pages, images, maps, videos, ...) to any connected device (computer, mobile, tablet, connected TV, ...). The addon help you to add links to your keekto timeline.

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7 users

ImageShack Fix 0.2 Requires Restart

Corrigir links diretos do imageshack que necessita de login para ser vistos.

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41 users

SoundCloud Sounds in Google Mail™ Requires Restart

SoundCloud HTML5 Widget for sounds in Google Mail™.

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574 users

Unavailable Youtube Videos Marker Requires Restart

This extension marks links to unavailable youtube videos with the strike through decoration, so that you see unavailable videos before clickling.

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35 users

Renren Photo Zoom Requires Restart

Renren Photo Zoom!

Not yet rated
49 users