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Mejor YouTube Compatible with Firefox 57+

Esta extension mantiene tu reproductor de YouTube fijo entre otras cosas

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126 users


this is my first test addon

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1 user

Open In DualView++ Compatible with Firefox 57+

Allows opening images in DualView++. Requires the native extension to be installed, which isn't available yet so this is pretty useless for anyone that isn't me...

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16 users

Coachforce Screen-sharing extension

Screen-share extension for Coachforce

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6 users

HeavyBuzz Compatible with Firefox 57+

Share any webpage using the Heavybuzz crowd-sharing platform that pays and rewards users for sharing anything that matters to them.

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2 users

9Anime Enhancement Compatible with Firefox 57+

Improve your experience on 9anime with new features!

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155 users

XPaint image editor and painter Compatible with Firefox 57+

Create or edit images with XPaint

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156 users

Byndd Screen Capture - Firefox

This firefox extension enables screen capturing support in Firefox for Byndd web site.

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43 users

MagicCast Compatible with Firefox 57+

MagicCast allows you to play videos on your TV from websites, including movies, TV shows, news broadcasts, sports broadcasts and IPTV.

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196 users

Media URL Timestamper Compatible with Firefox 57+

Resume video or music playback from your last position by timestamping the URL. Compatible with Youtube, SoundCloud and others.

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32 users

Web Player for Spotify™ Compatible with Firefox 57+

Wrapper window for Spotify's web-player with easy access toggle, next and previous buttons

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159 users

pCloud Save Compatible with Firefox 57+

Save your favorite web images, videos, text and more to pCloud - up to 20 GB free storage.
★ Save web content through the right-click context menu
★ Select multiple images and save them at once
★ Mark articles, paragraphs and other types of text

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48 users

WCookie Compatible with Firefox 57+

Export your cookies to files compatible with wget.

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Image Assistant Requires Restart

Opens images in any external viewer (having saved them on local disk), thus providing zooming, rotating, & other rich functionality not available by default (including any editing features supported by the viewer). Or 1-click-save without opening...

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (38)
485 users

Inline blocked image view Requires Restart

Add right click option to load blocked image inline, where should it be if image was not blocked (without opened it at the new tab or...

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (11)
25 users

Radio Paradise Toolbar Requires Restart

Toolbar for the internet radiostation: Radio Paradise...

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380 users

Blog Better! - Writing Helper by Zemanta Requires Restart

Increase your pageviews and improve your blog posts with related posts, images and links!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (54)
766 users

CJ opener Requires Restart

This expansion allows to open galleries from some sites with the ciphered links (TGP) directly, passing a redirect.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (4)
156 users

KidZui Requires Restart

KidZui turns Firefox into fun, kid-safe browser and online playground for kids 3-12 with over a million kids games, YouTube videos, and websites.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (60)
166 users Requires Restart lets you share music links on Twitter and other services

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (1)
2 users