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Malayalam News No Restart

Malayalam Breaking News,Malayalam latest News,Malayalam sports news,Malayalam Newses From Your Favorite News Papers.

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Added December 9, 2014

CREDACIOUS--The Credible Web No Restart

Tired of uninformed content in your social and web streams? Join The Credible Web!

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Added December 8, 2014

YCat 1.0 No Restart

Ynet Comment Analyzer & Transformer.
באמצעות שיטות ניתוח תמונה וטקסט מתקדמות (הוספת חתולים), ייקאט מוריד (ובמקרים מסויימים אף מעלים) את התסכול שבקריאת טוקבקים. ייקאט הכרחי לשמירה על לחץ דם תקין לכל אדם שקורא חדשות.

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Added December 7, 2014

Allmystery No Restart

The unofficial Allymstery.de extension.

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Added December 6, 2014

Automatically highlight words (Japanese support)

Highlight keywords automatically, to make documents readable.

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Added December 4, 2014

Scientific Calculator Plus No Restart

Scientific Calculator provides basic and advanced mathematical functions useful for school or college

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Added December 3, 2014

India Infoline - IIFL No Restart

BSE/NSE, India Stock Market Recommendations, Live Stock Markets, Sensex/Nifty, Commodity Market, Financial News, Mutual Funds in a popup widget.
Get all the Latest Market updates with a single click.

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Added December 2, 2014

Jolome News No Restart

Jolome News, toutes les actualités sur le Bénin, l'Afrique et le Monde

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Added December 1, 2014

Dota 2 Matches Ticker No Restart

DotA 2 competitive coverage on the go!

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Added December 1, 2014

Xing No Restart

The unofficial Xing extension.

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Added November 30, 2014

Qbeeko Firefox Add-on No Restart

Download this firefox add-on to easily share links with your friends with one click of a button. No need to go to your News Feed. Happy sharing!

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Added November 28, 2014

Wonder App No Restart

Wonder Quick Post

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Added November 26, 2014

Oplao weather No Restart

National And Global Weather Forecast. Firefox status bar icon. Extension contains current weather, detailed forecast, 3 day forecast, fast locations change button.

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Added November 25, 2014

Read Haaretz for free #2 ! לקרוא את אתר הארץ בחינם

אז איך קוראים/שולחים את הכתבות למינויים באתר "הארץ"? הכפתור הבא מאפשר לקרוא ולהפיץ את הכתבות החסומות בחינם - בפורמט מובייל


For haaretz.com (English) use https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/haaretz-reader/

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Added November 24, 2014

地址栏 No Restart



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Added November 24, 2014

Save articles with one click - Noosfeer No Restart

Note: You can synchronize it with your pocket account (getpocket.com).

Noosfeer helps you consume less internet data while motivating you to read.

Each time you stumble upon a page you want to read, click this button to read it.

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Added November 24, 2014

Twitter Assistant No Restart

An addon that helps better understand how people use Twitter.

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Added November 23, 2014

Kill News Feed for Firefox No Restart

Removes your Facebook News Feed, plain and simple. Also removes "trending" section and sidebar ads.

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Added November 22, 2014

Like I Give A Fuck No Restart

This browser plugin changes every occurance of 'Like' to 'I give a Fuck' on Facebook.com.

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Added November 20, 2014

Woopages No Restart

Woopages Extension for Firefox - comment everything you like or dislike everywhere

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Added November 20, 2014