Визуальные закладки Wishstorage No Restart

Данное расширение позволяет добавлять визуальные закладки в сервис Wishstorage. Wishstorage - удобный сервис по хранению интересных статей, часто посещаемых сайтов, а также товаров из любого интернет магазина в виде визуальных закладок

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Espace Mon Compte

Accéder au service espace mon compte avec Mozilla Firefox.
Cliquez sur le bouton jaune "Ajouter à Firefox" pour utiliser ce service.

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6,805 users - Customize your New Tab Home Page No Restart

Customize your New Tab Home Page in Firefox with this powerful (cloud-based) add-on.

Organize all your Bookmarks/Websites, RSS/News feeds, notes, to-do's, mail & social updates in one place.

Works on any PC, mobile or tablet device.

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Session Exporter

Exports Firefox sessions to HTML files or saves them to your bookmarks. If your session includes tab groups, your tabs are grouped accordingly.

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XUL School Hello World

Welcome to XUL School!

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OneTab No Restart

OneTab - Too many tabs? Convert tabs to a list and reduce browser memory

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Thin Bookmarks No Restart

Provides you with the ability to customize the bookmarks bar, for example the height, if certain elements should be displayed or not and more.

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NeedleSearch lets you bookmark the search engines of your choice. Because of the easy and powerful Auto-add functionality NeedleSearch not only lets you bookmark this big search engines like Google or Yahoo, but also the search engines for which...

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34 users QuickNavigate

Browse and Forum quickly using a button menu.

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The Kaboodle extension for Firefox has everything you need to use Kaboodle with your Firefox browser. Kaboodle is the best way to collect, compare, share and discover things you find anywhere on the web. Things that you are looking for, things...

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ShrinkThisLink Link Shrinker

Shrink links via ShrinkThisLink without even leaving the page you're on. It can even automatically copy the ShrunkLink to your clipboard, should you so desire...

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Steam Powered Forums Browser Updated

An addon for easy browsing of the SteamPowered Forums

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MonstersGame: Vampires vs Werewolves Menu

Browse the MonstersGame: Vampires vs Werewolves (UK) website with ease conveniently from the Firefox browser menu. Menu options available for World 1-8 players, as well as the forum, news, and support links in addition to other...

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61 Google® Utilities in your Firefox Menu and Toolbar.

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rssPlayPen is a add-on to the Firefox browser for interacting with feeds while you are browsing. With rssPlayPen, you can drag and drop rss, atom, xml, pod links and play them instantly. It's...

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Send 2 Cellphone

Send2Cellphone provides a simple way to send images from web pages directly to mobile phones via free Send2Cellphone service. Simply right click any image on any web page and select "Send2Cellphone" from the context menu. After...

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32 users Bookmarks Synchronizer

Backup your bookmarks to

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DMOZ Bookmarks

Download any dmoz category to your browser bookmarks.

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Basic Bookmarks for Firefox

Hides 'Bookmark Menu' and 'Bookmark Toolbar' from the bookmark sidebar, allows you to arrange your bookmark structure however you like (like in FF2), and frees space in the sidebar.

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Cardapio do Bandejão da FT

Exibe o cardapio do bandejão da FT

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