Autoclose Sidebar No Restart

Closes the Bookmarks Sidebar after making a selection (or otherwise navigating to a new page location).

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Added July 25, 2016

Pinboard Bookmark No Restart

Opens the standard Pinboard popup for bookmarking the current page.

Use Alt+Shift+D on Linux/Windows and Command+Shift+D on OS X for quickly triggering the popup.

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Added July 24, 2016

Open Auto Bookmarks

Open Multiple Bookmarks with Automatic Preload

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Added July 21, 2016

TechClips Clip Button No Restart


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Added July 21, 2016

Open With IE + Edge

View links, pages, and bookmarks in IE, Edge or any other browser. Modify any menu, browser name or location. Incognito/private browsing mode is also supported. Works for all Firefox locales/languages.

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Added July 18, 2016

New Tab. Minimal. No Restart

A better homepage to quick access websites you like!

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19 users
Added July 14, 2016

Señalador No Restart

The last bookmarking add-on you will ever use.

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Added July 13, 2016

Safe Lagoon WebCenter Access No Restart

This amazing little program allows you to access your Safe Lagoon Parental WebCenter direct from your Firefox toolbar. Snazzy!

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12 users
Added July 6, 2016

Bookmark Player No Restart

Adds a playlist functionality to Firefox bookmarks. To do so it iterates through the links in a chosen top-level bookmark folder and waits for the song in each link to finish before switching to the next link.

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33 users
Added July 1, 2016

Crafty Sync for Firefox No Restart

Sync your open tabs, bookmarks and history with your iPhone/iPad.

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Added July 1, 2016

OSM Smart Menu No Restart

Jumps from an OSM-compatible website to another one, preserving some contextual information.

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Added July 1, 2016

slink No Restart

selection links - see

Send anyone a link to a highlighted section of a webpage. Just select the content you want to highlight and click slink!

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Added June 30, 2016

News Communicator Register No Restart

現在アクティブになっているタブのWebサイトを簡単にNews Communicatorに登録することができます。

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Added June 29, 2016

Add to Bookmax - Online Bookmark Manager No Restart

Add bookmarks to your Bookmax account, an online bookmark manager to store bookmarks, lists, contacts, memos, notes and more online.
FREE and PREMIUM version. It has hierarchical folders, statistics and thumbnails (premium) and many more tools.

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84 users
Added June 21, 2016

Search with Bookmarks No Restart

Allows you to search any text selected on a website using your bookmarks in context-menu.

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60 users
Added June 21, 2016

Яндекс.Коллекции No Restart

Добавляйте изображения в свои коллекции в два клика — они будут храниться на сайте

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Added June 16, 2016

Open Multiple URLs No Restart

Opens a list of URLs.

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134 users
Added June 15, 2016

Wheesbee favorites No Restart

Add every url to yourWheesbee favorites

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8 users
Added June 6, 2016

Floccus (ownCloud Sync) No Restart

Sync your web data across browsers and devices via ownCloud!

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Added June 5, 2016

easyLinks4You No Restart

Links Manager

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Added June 3, 2016