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Alert PayPal No Restart

Checks if a site accepts payments by PayPal.

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Alerta Oferta

O Alerta Oferta discretamente notifica você quando o produto que você está acessando em uma loja está disponível por preços menores em outras lojas. Funciona em lojas do Brasil, Argentina, Chile, México, Colômbia, Peru e Venezuela.

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Wyszukiwanie allegro i powiadomienia ekspresowe. Alespotter pozwoli Ci być pierwszym! Nie przegap już nigdy więcej żadnej oferty!

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alljs No Restart

An addon that will gather all JavaScript into one place to anaylize later.

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Amazing eBay Highlight Search

Allows one to highlight and then search eBay through the context menu.

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Amazon Lightning Deals Preview Notifier

Free and Easy to use Amazon Lightning Deal notifier that will update the current deal conveniently in the corner of your web browser!

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Amazon Price Tracker -

View price history when you are browsing Amazon, save money by tracking Amazon prices and getting price drop alerts.

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Amazon Price Tracker -

→ Price History charts
→ Price Drop & Availability Alerts
→ Daily Drops, an overview of recent price drops
→ Huge frequently updated product database
→ Supports Amazon [ .com | | .de | | .fr | .ca | .cn | .it | .es ]

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Adds a link to products that will get you free shipping on when you are short of shipping.

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Ameren Day-Ahead Prices Toolbar

A toolbar for Ameren Utilities' Day-Ahead electric prices in the Illinois market place.

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Androi User Agent

To change The user agent to Androi browser!

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Angry Cat

Angry Cat is a funny "time killer" sites locker.

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Anti Phishing

AntiPhishing is an initiative of Malek ashtar industrial University of Tehran (MUT) to provide a security mechanism in preventing online phishing threats.

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Anti Scam Indonesia

Anti Scam Indonesia
Block scam sites in Indonesia, which always offer the program to become rich in a short time, whereas income proof and testimonials are all fake, including what they offer.

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Anti-Porn Warning No Restart

Displays a warning against porn on opening private tabs and windows.

Aimed at helping porn-addicts give up porn thanks to their will and a reminder a common point of temptation inside their browser.

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Antivir's Latest IVDF (Virus Definitions File) Version Number

This extension will display Antivir's latest virus definition's version number(as per the website) on the status bar.

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Are You Watching This?! Sports

Sports Scores and News for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, College Basketball, College Football, Soccer, NASCAR and more, from the highest-rated sports add-on for Firefox!

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Arka Alert

C3O Alert tool

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Armenian Live Ticker

Daily news from Armenia. Currency exchange rates. Weather forecast.

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Online Stream Notification - Online Now!

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