Rated 4 out of 5 stars

WORKS! In a sea of useless freemium addons, most not even working at all this is one that actually WORKS!

Santa!... You old German son of a gun. Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Merry Christmas to all.I must start by mentioning that 90% of these type of "Add-Ons" are totally disappointing and not worth the time spent developing them. NOW with that out of the way, I'm actually proud to be the first to rate this "Add-On". I normally don't care enough to sign up or air grievances but today my friends I have signed up.. and in to tell you this "Add-On" works fantastically. A little bit slower than others I have tried but it actually works, what a great Christmas present! The only issue might be the fact it's all in GERMAN (I think) but one thing the Germans are synonymous for is efficiency. Don't be discouraged "datei herunterladen" translates to "download file" (used google translator) and it says "download your file" in English underneath... Upside is now I know some more German words. Good Luck, Have Fun & Keep Smiling ;) Opps! Almost forgot THANKS "nishax11" Hats off to you my friend, Great work.