Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I want something that is simple. I run three different browsers on two home computers and one office computer. I want most, but not all, of my home bookmarks on my office computer and vice versa. XMarks makes all of them the same. XMarks has also destroyed my bookmarks on one computer. There probably are setup options I could select in XMarks, but the point is, I DON"T WANT TO. I spend enough of my time messing around with software setups on multiple computers. I need something simple that allows me to store bookmarks online so I can access them whenever I want from whatever computer I'm on. I don't need software to constantly remind me to resync when I add a bookmark on a particular computer (it's like one of those irritating nag screens). I'd rather indicate during bookmarking where I want it placed: locally on online. If I want to download the bookmark library, then I'll do it manually when I want.
I'm sure XMarks is powerful and useful for many users. But it's overkill for many others, myself included. I give it a low rating primarily because it doesn't meet my needs in a simple fashion.

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