This one look far from Winstripe 1.0. Rated 2 out of 5 stars

This one look far from Winstripe.

The button icon does indeed looks like an early version of Firefox (but definitely not Firefox 1.X on Windows. Perhaps that on Linux?). But the size of icon looks weird and the button looks-and-feel remains that of Firefox 4+.


Odd I used the old Winstripe buttons from the original theme.Not sure what you are getting at.

You seem to not understand that this theme has been modified over the years to using Fx default theme code. There is also a limited set of old winstripe images and the rest I had to make. Addons can effect the theme as well so you may want to look at what you have install as no one else has complained about how the theme looks.

There are other Winstripe themes available so if this one is not for you use something else.