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Love Red Cats (Green Flavor) too. I was very dismayed to see it not work w/ v14.0.1. However, being a tech geek, I know that there's a way around it. :-)

1. Download Red Cats (Green Flavor) using IE or Chrome
2. Change the extension of the file from .jar to .zip.
3. Open the zip file & copy the install.rdf file out of it.
4. Open the install.rdf file w/ Notepad
5. Look for the line that begins "<em:maxVersion>"
6. Change the version number to 14.* (this will allow it to work w/ all versions of FF 14)
7. Close & save the file
8. Put it back in the zip file.
9. Change the extension back to .jar
10. Go into Firefox's AddOn Manager & install Red Cats (Green Flavor) from file.

Voila! Your cats are back!!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (5.5.2).