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Images opened in separate tabs are first resized to fit by firefox itself and upon click , firefox displays full image. But recently i find that upon clicking ,instead of zooming , it zooms out further , making it tiny. I found that disabling NoSquint resolved the issue. Please gives a fix , if its indeed a bug.

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Here is how to replicate the bug :


Nosquint version : 2.1.6

FF version : 15

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

I certainly can't reproduce it. NoSquint specifically does not attempt to zoom standalone images. I wonder if you're dealing with a bad interaction between NoSquint and some other addon.

Could you please open a ticket at NoSquint's issue tracker at https://github.com/jtackaberry/nosquint/issues so we can have a discussion? I'd like to understand what's happening. Please also include NoSquint version, Firefox version, and any other addons you have installed as well. Thanks!