amazing! can set any combo of text zoom and full page zoom! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

If you just want to zoom the entire page *OR* zoom only the text, there are a number of add-ons such as Zoom Page ( ) (perhaps simpler and easier than NoSquint) -- they are mainly gui's to control firefox's built-in zooming capability. Which is even more necessary now that the zoom features can't even be found via the firefox app button (they're in the normally-hidden super-secret advanced-users-only legacy View menu -- wth is this, f{IE}rfox?).

Where NoSquint shines is that you can set *any combination* of full-page and text-only zoom.

For example maybe you're squinting at the icons and images but the regular text is readable (except any "text" that's actually in images). So you set full-page zoom to 125%. But you notice that the text is now unnecessarily large. You can now simply dial-down the Text-Only Zoom until the text is back down to its original size, while leaving everything else large! (Technical note: in this case you'll probably end up with a text-only zoom of 80% because 80% of 125% is a net of 100% for the text.)

To change the text-only zoom, hold down the shift key when clicking on NoSquint's + and - zoom buttons.

But even if you don't use NoSquint's addon bar item or toolbar buttons, having NoSquint installed adds the separate-text-only-zoom feature and makes this accessible via Ctrl+SHIFT+- and Ctrl+SHIFT++. This is a capability that Firefox should provide natively but doesn't. Without NoSquint, firefox has a toggle that lets it do only one kind of zooming or the other at any given time.

I haven't used the color-related features so I can't comment on those.

Room for improvement (minor):
1. Toolbar button tooltips should be more informative, suggesting the shift key for text-only operation and showing equivalent keyboard shortcuts for a given button, etc.
2. Remind users that they have to enable the addon bar to see the main NoSquint item, and customize/drag buttons onto the toolbar for +/-/reset.
3. Shift+ResetZoomButton and Shift+Ctrl+0 could reset only the Text-Only Zoom to its default (so you don't have to reset both zooms).
4. Make the add-on bar (statusbar) item movable onto a toolbar (although UI Fixer or MarMod can move these addon-bar-only items all together to a toolbar) and integrate it better with the +/-/reset buttons.
5. Zoom Page has nice all-in-one compound buttons for this -- some quite compact.
6. Indicate visually when the current zoom parameters on this site are equal to the default (gray out the ResetZoom button for starters).
7. Don't limit the range of fixed zoom choices listed in menu to 90%-150%; make this customizable like in Zoom Page and make the + and - follow this sequence of zoom levels instead of a fixed increment.
8. When using the site dialog, don't force the zoom levels to be multiples of 5% and within the 40%-300% range .

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (