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I love Surf Canyon! It makes searching with Google a physical possibility rather than a philosophical exercise in futility. What good is a search which returns millions of hits, with the most prominent being "bought and paid for", rather than the most important? Some of these show up at the top of the lists no matter what you enter in Google. For example: if I search for "useless crap", there will be a prominent link for eBay saying "buy useless crap on eBay" which is obviously not a true "hit", and one which I believe eBay would not like to stand behind. It should not even be in the list. I can get around this with search canyon, as I can get around other problems as well.

Good Job! Keep coming up with programs like this one and you will top the ratings hands down very soon....

(I wrote this review when I was using a previous version but forgot to put it here. The review describes this year's version as well, as it's even better! I'd like to see the options setting put within the program itself, rather than on a web page, but I understand why they chose the web page, as it allows changes and fixes to be done quickly and flexibly, so I'll just get used to it.)
Larry Holmes )

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (