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Version 1.0.7pre3 23.6 kB Works with Firefox 8.0 and later

-new option to disable "about:blank" transparency ("about:blank"s transparency only works with "Stylish" installed and enabled anyway).

This option can solve a rare problem that appears on "" when downloading an image. This "bug" is not GMFs fault, since it styles the "about:blank" page and some scripts on "" masquerade their "image-in-new-tab" function as "about:blank".

Version 1.0.7pre2 22.5 kB Works with Firefox 8.0 and later

- moved dropdownmenus glass feature to own option group
- added option for semi-transparent dropdownmenus (experimental)
- added option "glass and custom tabs v2", use this, if v1 background is too white in some cases.

Version 1.0.7pre1 21.5 kB Works with Firefox 8.0 and later

- new option: more space between items on menubar
- new option: make menuseperators visible
- minor other tweaks

Version 20.5 kB Works with Firefox 8.0 and later

- Glass options radios reordered; now with only one "off" button
-- requested by AMO-Editors
- new options:
-- "white text with black shadow" in dropdown menus v1&v2
-- "black text with white shadow" in dropdown menus v1&v2
-- (requested by Jack A.)
- menubar is now fully glassed
-- requested by Tigerscale
- internal changes
- Italian translation (by Tokai)
- support for FF12a1

Version 17.4 kB Works with Firefox 8.0 and later

- readded "GMF" tabs option (requested by TRV)
- " changes are taking effect 'on the fly' "
--> fixed on multi-window browsing
- internal changes
** restart Firerox for Glass options is still recommended

- removed "GMF" tabs option (dind't look nice enough for me ;-))
- removed round tabs option (didn't work correctly on default tabs)
- changed prefwindow checkboxes to radios
- changes are taking effect "on the fly" now

- removed unneeded code
- fixed some css bugs
- white toolbar buttons option is now for both big and small icon view

- some fixes on default tabs
- new option: enabled/disable white tabtext
- internal fixes

1.0.1 (added some tweaks from my Noia4 theme)
- default tabs changed to be more "glassy"
- new option: Glass with custom tabs
- new option: higher tabs
- new option: higher bookmarks toolbar
- new option: "GMF" tabs (default on 1.0)
- new option: combined favicon/closebutton
- new option: round tabs
- label change: white toolbar buttons -> small white buttons
** only for small icon view

- first release
- (option) enable/disable Glass effects
- (option) enable/disable small white toolbar buttons
- available in English and German