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Version 4.1.1-signed 46.3 kB Works with Firefox 24.0 and later, Thunderbird 20.0 and later

FEATURE: XUL panel content was moved to HTML iframes to improve encapsulation and speed.
FEATURE: The panel iframes are now populated only when the panel is actually shown.
FEATURE: The panel header now contains a button for selecting one of four color schemes.
FEATURE: A Chinese translation of the extension text was added.
FIX: The 'view as images' feature is working again.
FIX: Images are no more given a width of 100% by default.
FIX: The animation to full screen is prevented now to avoid resizing multiple times.
FIX: The close button again closes the tab even if it is the last one.
FIX: The window state option is no longer set to 'full screen' initially.