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Jamil Ahmed

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Why was Bengali (Bangladesh) Dictionary created?

We live in a part of the world, where emotions can derive a nation. We love our land, culture, language and most importantly our people. We are 160 million of people of which almost 97% of the population cannot read English. To benefit from ICT and Computers local language must be adopted for software. We at Ankur have been localizing various open source software for last 10 years. We have had localized Mozilla products several years ago. Couple of years ago we felt and explored the need of various language tool. Spell Checking is one of the important of all. Near about 230 millions of speaker with 193 million of native speakers ranking Bengali the 6th in the world. Everyday, hundreds and thousands of Bengali speaker use Firefox to write in Bengali over the internet, sends mail, designs website write article in Wikipedia. But, lack of Bengali spell checker renders typos in text - leaving behind an erroneous archive online; which over the period of time may change the Bengali demography someday. Well we do fear that. And above all we are the nation who fought and shaded blood for our Language. We must have our spell checker add-on.

What's next for Bengali (Bangladesh) Dictionary

Initially we started with 250,000 Bengali/Bangla/বাংলা words in this add-on. We followed the Bangla Academy spelling rules and regulations; and transliterated foreign words as instructed by the academy. We uploaded our extension to Mozilla add-ons server. After one year we included more words and gradually we achieved 400,000 words count. Later we requested and engaged the Linguistic department of Dhaka University, they cross checked the entire database for integrity and consistency. But, there are problems and typos within the database; and it detects correct words as typos. We are in continuous process to take this add-on near to error-less. We are planning to add name of places and prominent persons in the database to exclude form the detection. We must work with Bengali numbers, which get detected as typos. We are planning an inbuilt feature of word suggestions from users.

About the Developers

Developer Information
Name Jamil Ahmed
User since January 30, 2008
Number of add-ons developed 1 add-on
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 5 out of 5 stars
Developer Information
Name Ankur ICT Development Foundation
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Occupation not for profit
User since September 27, 2009
Number of add-ons developed 1 add-on
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Who is Ankur ICT Development Foundation?

Ankur ICT Development Foundation (AIDF) is a non-profitable organization that envisions Bangladesh - as a country in which widespread access to high quality education, information, communication and technology lead to a more developed society. The mission of the organization is to eliminate the linguistic, economic and social barriers to the widespread use of Information & Communication Technology in Bangladesh.

Starting from October 2002 as a volunteer organization, Ankur ICT Development Foundation is working professionally on the localization (translation and adaptation) of Free and Open Source Software (such as operating system, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation tool, e-mail client, internet browser, media player and so on) to Bangla language and culture. It ensures the existence of ICT tools in local language that can be used by the mass people, as well as develops necessary training materials and support to facilitate their usage. It also reduces the cost of ICT usage by providing affordable computer tools for which mastering English language is not a primary requirement.