Rated 4 out of 5 stars

While the clipper beats evernote, google notebook and EVERY OTHER clipper on the internet, I am running into one snag. I can't clip to evernote - and I can't clip and directly send to email. I can clip to clipmarks - and then send to email - but i cant directly clip and send. Some things you want to clip because you want to share - thats true - but sometimes you just want to clip something to yourself without publishing it. I understand that the goal is to share, but I really wish there were more options to clip to your own personal reference. While I understand that clipmarks is more geared to this - it is clunkier and slower than this FANTASTIC clipper they have. Honestly, there is no reason for the extension - the bookmarklet is just as good and as fast. I only am giving a four because of the lack of clipping to personal spaces.