Updated review: Works now - had to manually add button to toolbar Rated 4 out of 5 stars

UPDATED Review: Simply had to add the button manually. Installing and enabling the add-on did not result in the button being placed anywhere. Perhaps due to another add-on or something. Anyway - I decided I may as well see if the button was properly added to the "View->Customize Toolbar" menu items list. It was, and I simply dragged it on to a toolbar. Tested it a bit - it's not quite perfect at this point, but the particulars belong in the appropriate forum and/or bugzilla. Main thing is, basically - it works, and it's pretty cool.

When adding an item from a non-Amazon website, it provides a "verify this action" dialog, rather than just shoving something in to the wishlist - a good validation feature and design. In this dialog, it shows the item name and price (thumbnail if avail, and L/R <- -> buttons to choose other thumbs/images from the page, if available, to associate with the new wishlist item), with an "Add to Wishlist" button next to it, so you can verify the action, update the description or name, and pick the thumbnail you want to show up in your wishlist. At the same time (prior to raising the verify dialog box), it checks Amazon's catalog for the same item(s), and if found, it shows Amazon's price (if available anyway) and a _second_ "Add to Wish List" button next to IT - providing the choice of adding Amazon's or the original vendor's item (link) to add to your wish list. In fact, it looks like you could choose to add item listings; in-effect deferring the buying choice to later, for yourself or perhaps friends/loved-ones, if you're sharing the wishlist with them).

Cool stuff - and it seems that the "also-offered-at-Amazon" look-up/query has an "HA" kind of connection/priority - there was scarcely any delay before I got the "This item is also offered by Amazon.. " notification. Impressive IMFAO. If you get this "we sell this too" message, you can open another tab or whatever (the dialog is, appropriately, not modal - nice), browse the item to verify it's the same, the price, etc.., and then return to the dialog and proceed to add one (or both, i think) to your wishlist. It did make a mistake on a "matching item", but it conveniently provides one other button (again, only if found at Amazon) for you to indicate, if you want to, that this was NOT a reasonable matching item (pretty cool). At first I thought the other vendor had a substantially better price, then realized that the Amazon price was for a bundle/package of TWO of the items. So, technically it was not really a match, in terms of a single purchase to add to your list/cart, and I flagged it as such.
(not quite apples/oranges, more like apple/apples, alol). Nuff said.

Anyway - this is pretty slick. I have a real love/hate with Amazon in general, and it's hard to reason the ambivalence and stay objective (Amazon rocks - but it's arguably bad for the U.S. economy; e.g. I loved visiting Borders). Anyway, enough diatribe. Lastly - I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer to drink single-malt scotch.

A cool add-on.

Original review was focused on the lack of the button showing up on the display. Deleted .. deprecated, whatever...

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.7.1-signed).