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The horrid looking new Firefox and this theme do not go together

It looks really good on my FF 57. Sorry it doesn't work for you.

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خیلی زیبا و شکیل به دلیل حالت دوارش

♥ Thank you.. Glad you like it.

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Elegant and nice

Thank you. Sometimes a person wants something simple and this one works if you like purple. Glad you like it.

Purple Glow Gradient Rated 5 out of 5 stars

My favorite colour purple... Well done I love it,
and will make Saturday My Purple Day now...
To day (Friday) was Green Mile Day. :-)

+ Many, Many, Thanks Madonna for all your time and hard work you put in,
Into creating theses stunning persona's.

Enjoy your Weekend Madonna.

Kind Regards
Suz (Miz brit) xx

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every time I finally find and am happy with a personas theme...Ill be damned if it isn't made by Madonna ! hey- other users: way to go for not taking the time to rate or comment- boo! hiss! kep up the great work..this purple is DIVINE