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This extension does not work anymore on FF 10.0 if you ask me.

And yeah I also do think that the mozilla registration process is a pain in the ###
Don't be so picky about what email addresses can be used and what hoster is OK.

Edit: Let me ask you::Do you really think "Manages security policies in user.js file with a convenient user interface..." provides enough information for using the plug in ;-)
Seriously, I like to help. I wanted to use it on a polarion site which specifically mentions this plugin So I installed it, restarted the browser, went back to the site, tried to copy in something and got the same warning. I see no way to enable the plugin for this specific site. And I do not know what information I could provide to let you reproduce the error.
Maybe you can explain how I can get to this first dialog where i can edit the sites for which the plugin should be active.

Works for me on FF 10.0.2

I would ask you: Do you really think that just saying "does not work anymore" provides enough information for reproducing the issue you may be encountering?