Rated 1 out of 5 stars

I do NOT Like how HandyTab hijacks my links. Today was the LAST time. It would NOT let me past a 'Next' link. It kept putting an entry in HandyTab each time I tried 2 go from pg23 to pg24. Opened up HandyTab and EACH 'next' I tried an entry was placed in HandyTab; I clicked on 1 of the 'Next' entr[ies] which took me back to the pg 1 out of 34pgs (I was on pg 23 when HandyTab hijacked it). When I clicked to go to pg 2 I couldn't get there thanx 2 HandyTab putting YET ANOTHER entry in HandyTab and not allowing me pass to pg 2. Also, the entries I PURPOSELY put in HandyTab only 1 out of 5 remained. So what good is it??? It's seems 2 b VERY UNRELIABLE. Does NOT do what it describes itself 2 do and y I decided 2 try it. Definitely, NEEDS WORK!!! So I deleted it.
Windows XP 3.6.3