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I'm a big fan of Firefox & supporter of Mozilla. It's good to feel safe on the Internet & have fun at the same time. Add-ons are great & so very creative. I have learned so much since switching to FF last year, after always just accepting IE. I don't use my computer for business, just personal stuff. I love music (my degree major), animals, the outdoors, books, films, fabric (sewing & quilting), gardening, holidays (Halloween!). I'm also a political junkie, lifelong Democrat & proud of it!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars

KUDOS & THANKS - MANY to Shivanand for trying SO HARD, CONTINUOUSLY, to get his wonderful FAVORITE add-on COLORFUL TABS up & working with the major Firefox 57 overhaul. I've stayed with Firefox (so far) because I believe they are focused on security issues, so I am giving them the benefit of the doubt - but beware & be warned Firefox/Mozilla, as my patience is growing VERY THIN with this new FF 57 ordeal (& I don't think I am alone in feeling this way). I don't trust Windows anymore - poor security & all that with IE, as I used to be Windows until 2010 - & I'm not ready to move to Chrome or anything else. WHY am I saying all this here? Because so far I still HATE the new Firefox 57!! Colorful Tabs deserves EVEN MORE KUDOS for being one of the first so called "Legacy" add-ons to actually diligently KEEP TRYING to get up & running again, as soon as possible, with this completely different format Firefox seems to think they "need". I just want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT & THANKS to Shivanand, for his hard work & perseverance! Also for the mere fact that HE IS TRYING - HE DIDN'T QUIT. NO, Colorful Tabs isn't working like it used to . . . I think fans would all agree that we'd like it the OLD WAY, with each tab (only) a different, beautiful, interesting color. BUT the only way he can get it to work NOW, RIGHT NOW, is with this whole bar thing, beyond just the tab, being colored. ANOTHER PROBLEM, at least for me, is that I have always loved also & used very happily PERSONAS - which is NOW all messed up with Firefox 57, in that you have to CHOOSE between either enjoying Colorful Tabs OR Personas - they are NOT, so far, compatible in this new FF 57 ABOMINATION. So, I am switching between the two. Since it's been the Christmas season, I've been disabling Colorful Tabs (HOW SAD is THAT?!!) in order to enjoy the (now MUCH SMALLER) Personas decorations, SINCE WE CAN'T HAVE BOTH TOGETHER RIGHT NOW IN FF 57, like "Back in the GOOD OLD DAYS". MEANWHILE, AGAIN, BRAVO TO SHIVANAND & HIS COLORFUL TABS, FOR TRYING TO KEEP UP WITH THIS HORRIBLE FF 57!!! People, those of you who are COMPLAINING & ANGRY about how Colorful Tabs is right now different from the past - PLEASE, DIRECT THAT ANGER & FRUSTRATION APPROPRIATELY, WHERE IT IS DESERVED, AT MOZILLA & FIREFOX; NOT AT THIS HARDWORKING, INTELLIGENT & CARING DEVELOPER!! I cannot even believe how many new reviews are GRIPPING & COMPLAINING about Colorful Tabs not being "right", as if this is the developer's fault - IT'S NOT HIS FAULT! Do you all not realize just how many developers have ABANDONED THEIR ADD-ONS, BECAUSE OF FF 57??? I have a very LONG list of (now termed "Legacy") add-ons that I REALLY LIKED A LOT & which are NO LONGER COMPATIBLE with FF 57! It is apparently UNWISE to run an older pre-57 version of Firefox, as it could be unstable & MUCH WORSE, subject to SECURITY ISSUES. So, PLEASE, let's all still give Colorful Tabs FIVE STARS, because HE DESERVES IT! He is working constantly, UPDATING every so often as this new Firefox 57 evolves - FF 57 itself is STILL EVOLVING & has MANY BUGS & PROBLEMS, so this is ALL A WORK IN PROGRESS!! REWARD this developer WHO IS TRYING, CONSTANTLY, to get this VERY POPULAR & MUCH LOVED add-on back to the best it can possibly be!!! He's PRESENT, HE'S TRYING, HE'S ISSUING REGULAR UPDATES to comply with this STUPID crazy new FF 57 - SO GIVE HIM THE CREDIT HE DESERVES for just not giving up & ABANDONING this add-on, LIKE SO MANY OTHERS HAVE DONE. AND, by the way, I AM NOT IN ANY WAY ASSOCIATED with Colorful Tabs or Shivanand Sharma, OR with ANY of his other add-ons. I've never met the man or spoken to him, nor have I ever corresponded with him by email. I'm NOT being compensated for this review & my opinion here is FROM MY HEART & 100% TRUTHFUL - NOT A "FAKE REVIEW"!!! Last of all, let me REFER YOU to another well written review, about 12 days ago from a reviewer called "worseldine" - it is a LONG review, so you can't miss it & it's about the 16th review down right now. This person HAS IT RIGHT; PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW ALSO - those of you complaining & faulting this developer, Shivanand, who CARES ENOUGH TO KEEP ON TRYING! I can't believe this - I just read one VERY IGNORANT person's review who stated - about Colorful Tabs - "There should be a special ZERO star review for this one." CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW UNFAIR & UNINFORMED THIS IS? No, there should be a ZERO STAR for Firefox 57 & for ignorant reviewers who DO NOT understand how add-ons work & who are criticizing & faulting EXCELLENT ADD-ON DEVELOPERS who have NOT given up on Firefox 57 & who are constantly TRYING to become compatible with the new "non-Legacy" format & are doing their best to comply! MANY DEVELOPERS HAVE WALKED AWAY - DON'T FALSELY BLAME THOSE WHO ARE STICKING WITH IT & TRYING THEIR BEST TO GET THE ADD-ONS WE LOVE WORKING AGAIN, IN THIS COMPLETELY NEW FORMAT! The EASY thing to do, is to give up & abandon your add-ons! The HARD, DIFFICULT thing to do is to stay in the game & to TRY to get your add-ons working properly again in this "new" (not improved, in my opinion) Firefox 57 format! SO GIVE COLORFUL TABS THE 5 STARS IT DESERVES! He got it up & working almost right away & has updated it many times already since then!!! BE HONEST IN YOUR REVIEWS!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (32.2.2).  This user has 3 previous reviews of this add-on.



Always, always, ALWAYS A FIVE STAR RATING for this most colorful & enjoyable of all add-ons!!! THIS - COLORFUL TABS - is THE ONE I simply hate the idea of living without! You have always kept this add-on beautiful & working, updating regularly! I HOPE YOU AREN'T STOPPING NOW!!! PLEASE UPDATE FOR FIREFOX 57 & BEYOND!!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (31.2.1).  This user has other reviews of this add-on.

Forecast: Google™ Weather

WHAT HAPPENED? Rated 2 out of 5 stars

I don't know what's wrong but I think Google Weather stopped functioning correctly for me at about Firefox 51.0 (or thereabouts). VERY DISAPPOINTING & I wonder if this is supported anymore since last update is what, July 2016? Yeah, nearly a year ago. It seems that add-ons need to be updated & kept current in order to function & mature along with Firefox every 6 weeks. It's too bad, truly, because for about a year or more, it worked GREAT for me! So simple - so easy to change from temperature to rain to wind & quickly get the week's forecast or more days even. I never have had any problems with Google Weather recognizing my CORRECT city either, not even now. BUT, now & for all of FF 52.0 at least, maybe longer, while my location is correct as I entered it & set it up, the little graphics are FROZEN & will not change. They won't go from temperature to rain or wind, like they should AND the graphic won't budge at all, not even a millimeter. REALLY a shame; this was so great in its pure simplicity. What I can see without being able to leave "temperature" or to move past next 7 days IS ACCURATE, CURRENT & correct location for me BUT the thing is just plain old STUCK, FROZEN in place! HOPE IT IS STILL MAINTAINED & THAT SOMEONE ASSOCIATED WITH IT WILL READ THIS & UPDATE, FIX IT PLEASE!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.1.5). 

Beyond Australis

Can't We All Just Get Along Here??? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

First, let me thank Quicksaver for this careful, well planned & useful addon: I'm exploring the options & deciding which works best for me. I am compelled to point out that reviews like that by "webserfer" are not only useless but mean spirited & indicate a deliberate attempt to trash someone's hard work. Therefore, I must also commend Quicksaver for going beyond any requirements to address those concerns in a thoroughly professional & exceptionally kind, rational manner. Kudos for trying to understand & help this person. I wouldn't have been so nice! And, please keep up the good work!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.1.1-signed). 


NOT AGAIN! Quick - Binary Turf! Come to our RESCUE (again!) Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Yep - Mozilla DID, most definitely, "DO IT" again! Looks like I'm just adding my disgruntled voice to others, who are probably in the Beta upgrade program or whatever it's called - meaning they got the newest Firefox version 30.0 a couple of days before I did, earlier this morning. Because of ANOTHER drastic change to the Firefox TABS display, the newest version 30.0 has "broken" (again) the smooth interface created by Colorful Tabs. Now YOU, Brilliant Developer, will need to take out your wand to "magic" your lovely swatches of color to once again FIT neatly within Firefox's newest TABS configuration! I wonder what shape Mozilla will choose NEXT? Maybe ROUND tabs? Perhaps TRIANGLES? How about a nice, simple TRAPEZOID TAB? Now THAT would be most unique - I bet Google Chrome hasn't gone THERE (yet). I appreciate that they are regularly trying to improve & upgrade the Firefox browser, but the last several versions seem to be overly focused on TABS & the shape of them, almost bordering on obsession. Some folks have commented that Mozilla keeps trying to copy "the look" of Google Chrome but I have no knowledge of that theory, nor have I ever downloaded or tried Chrome myself. However, this constant changing of the TABS display every 5 or 6 weeks is becoming, at the very least, tiresome. Thank Goodness that Colorful Tabs/Binary Turf is capable of quickly dealing with whatever newest aberration Mozilla throws at them. But, it must be frustrating for YOU, kind Developer, too! Your patience & your diligence are much appreciated, for quickly adapting to each subsequent Firefox TABS modification. (AND YOU HAVE CONSISTENTLY DONE SO!) It is comforting to know, with confidence, that you will quickly address each issue appropriately, until you make it right, no matter how many tries might be needed. Thank you for all your past maintenance & all that you will most definitely need to do in the future. It's great to have a really good looking add-on that always works & is consistently & regularly upgraded & maintained. Kudos to you.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (23.9.1-signed).  This user has other reviews of this add-on.


In Glorious Living Color - again! Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Note: Regarding NEWEST VERSION 23.8, see Developers note & link above, under "About this add-on". Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Once I had recovered from the shock of viewing the ugly specter of FF29, I was confident that you would come through for us & somehow manage to make Colorful Tabs awesome once more, in spite of what australis did to Firefox tabs. And you did, sooner than later too. You have obviously been one busy developer for the past 72+ hours, cranking out update after update until the return to Colorful Tabs "Par Excellence" was achieved. The beautiful colors that enrich & enhance our computer screens are now thankfully restored, reaching to every corner & saturating each pixel of those newfangled FF29 tabs. Another significant issue regarding your add-on: I have always wondered how it seems to "just happen" that Colorful Tabs somehow "knows" to match & to blend its tab colors with the predominant hues of whichever Persona theme I am currently displaying in my browser. HOW do you do THAT? Whenever I change Persona themes - after restarting Firefox, the colors generated for the tabs take on the same spectrum of those in the new theme just installed - every time without fail. Being rather technically challenged, I find this truly remarkable! And now the newest, most recent & best Colorful Tabs update, Version 23.8, is also changing the range of tab colors to mysteriously match those of the current Persona theme; once again displaying the appropriately blending tab colors whenever a new theme is installed. So, kudos to you! Colorful Tabs is one of the best & most visually appealing Firefox add-ons, one of the easiest to configure & most simple to understand. You consistently monitor the add-on for needed updates to keep it state of the art, even with FF upgrading to a new version every 5 or 6 weeks. Your efforts are applauded & much appreciated. It seems that australis was perhaps a bit of a challenge, judging by the number of updates required to return Colorful Tabs to its usual & routine functionality. However, you stayed on task, maybe even burning some midnight oil, until you had once again perfected Colorful Tabs to the exceptional quality we have come to expect. I wish all Firefox add-ons performed as well & were as seamlessly & consistently updated in an equally timely manner. One never has to ask you, "Puh-leeze! For the love of Mike, update your add-on"! Not ever. Thank you again; you are to be highly commended.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (23.5.1-signed). 

Personas Plus

Rated 2 out of 5 stars

There are two integral problems with Personas post 3.6 and they are ruining it for me. Let me state first that I LOVE Personas; I am one of your biggest fans. I truly applaud the upgrades and changes made over the last couple of months: clarity, ease of navigation, excellent organization and most of all, the ability to log in and create a personal group of favorites that can be changed at will. I really like the menus that pop up when you right click on the Personas Fox icon, very convenient and easy. When you access the website itself, it only gets better. However, I was stunned by the changes created by 3.6. First, it was insane to make Personas a Theme, it is NOT a Theme. I truly resent having to restart FF each and every time I want to switch Personas. After barely two days, I am already fed up and gritting my teeth every time I WISH I could change to a different one WITHOUT the hassle of restarting. As a result, I am really not utilizing this wonderful add-on at all anymore. Second, making Personas a Theme has prevented it from being used in conjunction with any other "real" Theme except the Default FF Theme, which is the most dull, boring and ugly Theme ever. I have always perceived Personas as an Extension, an embellishment that I could easily preview and change at will, while still being able to choose from a variety of different and creative Themes. Everything interfaced seamlessly and worked well together. The recent addition of the "My Favorites" feature made it just really terrific! It was like browsing through an album of my favorite photos while using a fun, interesting Theme of my choice. If you want to create a new Collection based on Personas and call it the "Personas Collection" or whatever, so be it. But take it out of the Theme classification and label it an Extension again so we are not forced to restart FF every time we simply want a different Persona. That is really a burden and a turn-off. Also, allow Personas to be used with all the Themes that used to interface so beautifully with it in the past. It is also a real turn-off to be forced to use only the Default FF theme. These two new changes are not winners for Personas, they are extremely detrimental. Immediately after I upgraded to 3.6 and restarted FF, the first page that came up was the Mozilla Firefox page and most of it was taken up with a huge promotion for Personas, how great it is etc. Of course, I agreed UNTIL I found out what had changed. Please, please, PLEASE don't ruin such a good thing! If it weren't for these two drastic problems, I would of course give Personas 5 stars. I have reread, several times, the definition assigned to each star on the rating scale. After carefully considering the disappointment I feel and the impact it has had already, in only two days, on my enjoyment of being on the computer, I can honestly only give Personas 2 stars now. I sincerely hope Mozilla and Firefox will reconsider these changes. It could be so great! It is a simple thing, but it's like the icing on a delicious cake; you've scraped it off and by doing so, have taken away a great deal of the flavor.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.5.1).