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Safe Preview

Better Than Just One Rated 5 out of 5 stars

First of all, I must give my sincerest thanks to the ‎developer(s). I think that this app is very clever! (I wish ‎the developer would provide an English help site, ‎though. The developer's website (http://www.price.ru/) ‎seems to go to a Russian Online Shopping Store of ‎some kind. Good for them probably, weird for me...?)‎
Pros: I was getting SO tired of WOT's biased ‎‎(financially motivated?) notifications! But I just ‎couldn't get past the idea of blindly linking to a site. ‎For whatever reason, I could not get McAfee ‎Siteadvisor ‎to work for me. ‎So I kept looking. Then I ‎came across this add-on. With this app, I can see all the ‎major security notifications at one time for any ‎particular site. Can't say how thankful I am for this add-‎on!‎
Cons: Norton notification isn't working since my last ‎FF update to 22.0, not sure why, but the others are still ‎working. Trustwave takes the longest time to give its 2 ‎cents, but the other five come up relatively quickly. ‎
Other Thoughts: If I were to make a request of the ‎developer(s), I would ask for more of a streamlined app. ‎Perhaps each of the six advisors to display only in their ‎respective symbol/icon forms, and that each icon to be ‎colored-coded for that particular site. In other words, ‎Google, Norton, McAfee, etc., would come up only as ‎their icon, and then in the color of safety that each ‎advises: green for good, red for bad, yellow for caution, ‎etc.‎
Bottom Line: If you're serious about your internet ‎safety, this app is for you. Even if it seems annoying at ‎times having to wait for the app to finish loading all the ‎different advisors' advice, it is still well worth the delay ‎because of the peace of mind it gives!‎

DuckDuckGo Plus

Conflict? Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Even though this is a 4 star app in my book I had to remove it - hopefully temporarily. I love the fact that I can use a ‎search engine without having to worry about being ‎tracked; i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc. Though this browser's ‎search engine is limited, I 'rarely' had to resort to Google. ‎However, since my last FF update to Version 22.0 I have ‎been experiencing blank search pages. More than likely ‎there is a conflict between FF, DuckDuckGo and another ‎add on. But since I am not a geek (WISH I was!) it's far ‎too confusing for me to figure it out. So even though I ‎had to remove it for now, I will keep checking back ‎periodically to see if I can get it to work for me. I would ‎encourage everybody to at least try this browser!‎
‎(As a side note, I do wish FF would integrate their ‎address bar and search engine bar into one bar, AND still ‎provide the drop-down browser choice arrow.)

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LinkExtend - Safety, KidSafe, Site Tools

Unable to Download Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Unable to download. Currently have FF 21.0 as of today's date 061013. Hope it changes in near future, would like very much to try this add-on.

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LOST Rated 1 out of 5 stars

For several weeks now I've not been able to add new sites. Today, when I tried to 'edit' my fox tab page, it erased all the sites I had accumulated! These problems seem to have begun after my last Firefox update, but I don't 'know' if that's related or not. In any event, I'm really disappointed and sorry to lose you. Adieu.

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