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tumblr video downloader and enhancer Compatible with Firefox 57+

+ download to video player; + volume slider; preview supported; + right-click menu to download. v0.2.2 + progress scrolling

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Added Dec. 3, 2017

sifty Compatible with Firefox 57+

Save Images From Tabs, Yo!

Find images opened in tabs, download them, then close those tabs.

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Added Nov. 26, 2017

Simple Download YouTube Videos Compatible with Firefox 57+

Use right-click menu to download YouTube Videos (mp4, 3gp) without any appearance changes on your webpages. Simple to use.

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Added Nov. 25, 2017 - скачать Яндекс Музыка Compatible with Firefox 57+

Скачивайте любые треки с Яндекс.Музыки в хорошем качестве. Просто и удобно!
Вы можете скачать отдельные треки или целые альбомы и подборки в один клик.
После скачивания вся музыка будет доступна для прослушивания без доступа к интернету.

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Added Nov. 21, 2017

OKmusic PRO - музыка Одноклассники Compatible with Firefox 57+

OKmusic PRO - скачать музыку из Одноклассников бесплатно!
OKmusic PRO добавляет возможность скачивать музыку с Одноклассников бесплатно!
С OKmusic PRO музыка из Одноклассников доступна всем.

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Added Nov. 20, 2017

Chrome Download Manager Compatible with Firefox 57+

Chrome Download Manager. Bring Google Chrome like Download shelf into Firefox.

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Added Nov. 20, 2017

Download Shelf Compatible with Firefox 57+

Avoid fibbling with the default download button and look stylish to boot. New downloads appear at the bottom of the browser window, allowing you to conveniently interact with them.

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Added Nov. 19, 2017

Math Equations Anywhere Compatible with Firefox 57+

This extension allows you to create math equation with latex, mathml, ascii text and convert them to images.

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Added Nov. 15, 2017

Download with Irvine Compatible with Firefox 57+

Send URL to Irvine ( from context menu.

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Added Nov. 14, 2017

Torrent Control Compatible with Firefox 57+

Add torrent and magnet links to your Bittorrent client's web interface. Firefox 57/Quantum ready. Currently supporting Cloud Torrent, Deluge, ruTorrent, Transmission, µTorrent and qBittorrent.

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Added Nov. 11, 2017

ThunderCross Compatible with Firefox 57+

New generation Thunder invoker -- a simple extension to call thunder from your browser

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Added Nov. 3, 2017

Facebook Video Download Compatible with Firefox 57+

1-Click to download any Facebook video.
Choose if you want video or just an image.
Compatible with new Firefox Quantum 57+
Addon uses 3rd party site ( for operation.

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Added Oct. 29, 2017

Pic Finder & Download Compatible with Firefox 57+

Need to download a load of images for references, presentation,or OpenCV Cascade Training?

Look no further!

This Web Extension automatically looks up what what you type,with customization settings, and downloads the amount of images you want

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Added Oct. 24, 2017

Web ScrapBook Compatible with Firefox 57+

Captures the web page faithfully with highly customizable configurations.

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Added Oct. 21, 2017

Unikey - Vietnamese Keyboard Driver Compatible with Firefox 57+

Unikey - Type Vietnamese for Windows
Unikey is not a wand to help you categorize the standard Vietnamese writing but it is a tool to help you type in accents, edit fonts.
Unikey supports Vietnamese typing on Windows (including 32-bit and 64-bit)

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Added Oct. 20, 2017

Send to Aria2 WE Compatible with Firefox 57+

Send to Aria2
Right click on the download link, and select "Send to Aria2" options.
JSON-RPC address need to be configured for work.
Secret token is supported in versions 0.2.
"Send to Aria2 Save As ..." opens a dialog to rename the outputfile.

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Added Oct. 7, 2017

Aria2 Download Manager Integration Compatible with Firefox 57+

Replace built-in download manager. When activated, detects the download links to direct links to this add-on and send to Aria2

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Added Oct. 4, 2017

uTorrent Connector Compatible with Firefox 57+

Connects to a uTorrent client to queue torrents from page links.

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Added Oct. 3, 2017

DCID - Double Click Image Downloader Compatible with Firefox 57+

Downloads an image to a configurable directory on double click

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Added Sept. 25, 2017

YouTube Download & Adblocker - Smarttube Extreme Compatible with Firefox 57+

SmartTube Extreme: YouTube Downloader, Converter and extreme Adblocker.

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Added Sept. 25, 2017