Web Development


Stored Variables (Selenium IDE) Requires Restart

A plugin for Selenium-IDE to interactively explore and manage stored variables

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3,870 users
Updated November 27, 2014

CliqMeet ScreenShare

Helper utility for enabling screensharing on cliqmeet.com

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48 users
Updated November 23, 2014

View Source Code in the Same Tab

Switch between a web page and its source code easily without opening another window, just in the same tab you are. Press: Control + Shift + s and enjoy! Then press the same shortcut to gte back the webpage.

You can also cutomize the shortcut.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (4)
461 users
Updated November 23, 2014

Selenium IDE: Implicit Wait Requires Restart

This plugin allows Selenium IDE to automatically wait until all the required elements are present before executing the next command. It replicates the behaviour of the setImplicitWait method present in Selenium 2 WebDriver.

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4,309 users
Updated November 21, 2014

ProVision.bg home page button

ProVision.bg Button addon

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1 user
Updated November 17, 2014

Scratchpad Button

Scratchpad Button to open up Firefox Scratchpad.

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40 users
Updated November 16, 2014

Browser Console Button

Browser Console Button to open up Firefox Browser Console.

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65 users
Updated November 16, 2014


Расширение позволяет автоматически вводить и подтверждать капчи на сайтах с помощью сервиса antigate.com.

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204 users
Updated November 12, 2014

Test IE

Test IE allows users to preview and test their websites in all versions of Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10 and IE11) directly in BrowserStack through Mozilla Firefox.

Rated 2 out of 5 stars (10)
1,850 users
Updated November 11, 2014

Trail Mix

Campfire add-on for firefox

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1 user
Updated November 9, 2014


This addons doing fast insert code.

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152 users
Updated November 8, 2014


This extension is used to compute cryptographic hashes and do common conversions. It might be useful for programmers and system administrators. It's entirely implemented in JavaScript, all calculations are performed on client side, so it's safe.

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21 users
Updated November 7, 2014

Show Host IP Requires Restart

Shows Host Resolved IP address

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94 users
Updated November 6, 2014

Website City + Country Info Requires Restart

Shows the city (!) and the countryflag of the website you are browsing to. See IP, provider, Oranisation name, GEO coordinates and further useful infos for security, fun and SEO reasons.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (24)
1,305 users
Updated November 5, 2014

Page Hacker Revived Requires Restart

Adds a toolbar to edit and format the current page

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (8)
182 users
Updated November 4, 2014

SeoBox.pl - Analiza SEO Requires Restart

Wtyczka do Firefoxa do analizy serwisów pod względem SEO

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9 users
Updated October 30, 2014

Helper for GitHub notifications in Gmail

Add links to GitHub threads and shortcuts to your Gmail interface.

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Updated October 30, 2014

HTML5 Outliner

Displays the HTML5 document outline of the current web page. HTML5 Outlines are composed of labels for important structural elements (e.g., heading text, table titles, form titles etc).
Source Code: https://github.com/arky/html5-outliner-addon

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655 users
Updated October 29, 2014

XML Monospace Requires Restart

Displays xml responses with View > Page Style > Monospace.

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67 users
Updated October 28, 2014


This can be used to set or reset any proxy server address with default port 443 for your browser.

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Updated October 28, 2014