Web Development


Log Search Bar (Selenium IDE) Requires Restart

A plugin for Selenium-IDE to show a find toolbar in the log pane making it easy to search the displayed log messages

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LoginManager Requires Restart

With LoginManager you can manage different accounts for different sites. You enter all information for a site once and then log in with just one click...

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Logiteam screensharing

Helper utility for enabling screensharing

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Logitech SetPoint Requires Restart

Smooth scrolling for Logitech mice.

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6,853 users

Lola Requires Restart

This tool will let you find HTML/XHTML blocks visually just by moving around the mouse pointer over the page, and modify them "on the fly" from your browser quick and easily...

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (22)
4 users

LookUp Compatible with Firefox 57+

LookUp is an Add-on for your browser that allows you to create rules to look into pages for any type of text content or HTML node. It can be used to search for specific text content or to check for a given HTML structure into pages while browsing.

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LoremTools Requires Restart

Copy LoremIpsum to ClipBoard (with clic) or to focused textarea/input text (with right clic).

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lori (Life-of-request info) Requires Restart

'lori' can tell you how long it takes to load
a page. Useful for web developers who are working on profiling, optimizing a web site.

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2,258 users

Lubemonkey Requires Restart

(A Graesemonkey fork)
Next Generation script manager for Firefox with SQlite Database storage.
As greasemonkey you can customize the way a web page displays but you can do it having lots of fast storage and the power of SQL.

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19 users

Luminate Online Page Editor

This extension makes it easier to edit pages on your organization's Luminate Online website.

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Lunapic Image Edit Requires Restart

Adds right click image editing link to images.

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341 users

Lunatic Fox Requires Restart

Get easy access to posts from techlunatic.com right from your firefox tab and make the most of your online presence with the regularly updated marketing tips.

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Dummy form data filler for Magento

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A quick restartless magnifier to debug styles and web pages.

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Main Content Extraction Compatible with Firefox 57+

Get Main Content in Web Page

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Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic Backlink Analyzer gives instant insight into the number of backlinks and domains linking to the URL and domain you are currently browsing. Majestic users can drill down to see the links, topics and add them to their Majestic bucket list.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (23)
2,872 users

Make Link Requires Restart

Easily make HTML, ForumCode, and other links from the context menu.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (28)
4,733 users

Many Short Url Maker Requires Restart

Powerful tool to short url to many type of short url provider and it easy just paste your url and submit and automatic we create it for you

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mark'O'rail - Facebook Admin Requires Restart

mark'O'rail scheint als Seitenleiste auf und erleichtert Facebook Seitenbetreibern und Entwicklern den Zugriff auf wichtige Facebook Links.
Zusätzlich besteht die Möglichkeit, sich die Liste der verwalteten Fanseiten anzeigen zu lassen.

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MarkanaBak Tarayıcı Eklentisi Compatible with Firefox 57+

www.markanabak.com kullanıcıları için tarayıcı eklentisi

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