Web Development


GTM Test Drive

Test Google Tag Manager before installing it on your website.

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149 users

Website Theme Manager

Website Theme Manager allows you to change any website's appearance

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312 users

IceLink WebRTC Screen Capture

This extension allows WebRTC connections to use the screen as a video source.

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80 users

Sauce Connect Launcher Requires Restart

Activate Sauce Connect from your browser.

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260 users

Counting Images

Allows you to generate images of bespoke lengths/widths to aid software testing.

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Yodiz Grab Requires Restart

Yodiz Grab is quickest way to capture screen shot of web page, annotate to highlight the comments or problem area and then
1) Report as attachment to Yodiz Issue or User story.
2) Or download as annotated image to local disk

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48 users

Form Simulator Requires Restart

FormSimulator allows you to test your form filling.

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3 users

WebIDE Auto-debug

Automatically open the developer tools when launching an app in WebIDE.

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11 users

Change Profile's Window Icons To Aurora Requires Restart

Changes the icon used for the profile's Firefox windows to the Aurora icon. This add-on can be used to visually differentiate profiles.

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52 users

Screen-sharing for upwork.com

Screenshare in Upwork.com video solution

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77 users

GitHub Extensions

A bunch of little enhancements for GitHub web

* Quick Merge
* Approvers Avatar
* Plus-One Counter
* Link to CI build
* Plus-One Emoji

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125 users

MM4 Screen Capturing

Megameeting Firefox extension to enable screen capturing

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7 users


Quick Login Plugin

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2 users


A screen-sharing extension

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5 users

Mid-Click Restart

Middle-click the quit button to restart. The simplest, tiniest, and 5.5 KB only extension for restarting.

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53 users

PEXA Digital Signing

Firefox add-on support for Signing documents digitally in PEXA.

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A extension that aims to prevent developers from using wrong environments (you never know when you will test stuff in production thinking that you are on a testing environment).

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Bug Report Template

Auto-fill text areas with a bug report template.

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Adds an 'upgrade-insecure-requests' CSP to all HTTPS server responses. On HTTPS pages, this should make the browser at least try to load HTTP resources over HTTPS instead of just ignoring them (if security.mixed_content.block_display_content=false).

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14 users

SurfBook Requires Restart

Lost in you browsing? Followed a looong serie of links?...

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