Web Development


Rewrite HTTP Headers (JSON) Requires Restart

A light-weight (pseudo) rules-engine to easily modify HTTP headers in either direction

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303 users

Pasar Kode Fast Toolbar Requires Restart

Pasar Kode Fast Toolbar easier for you to access all the source code available in the market code

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7 users

DOM Inspector Toolbar Button

Adds DOM Inspector toolbar button

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45 users


Track on iinView

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Page Meta Manager Requires Restart

Extension for code analysis page (meta tags) and display the menu to work on them.

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30 users


Dummy form data filler for Magento

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133 users

Codecov Extension

Overlay Coverage reports in Github, Bitbucket and Gitlab

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264 users

Screencast extension for BeMyApp Ideation

Screencast extension for BeMyApp Ideation

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168 users

Custom Tabs Undo Requires Restart

Lets you customize the maximum tabs undo and maximum windows undo session preferences.

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7 users

GTM Test Drive

Test Google Tag Manager before installing it on your website.

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350 users

Automatic Print

Auto printer select/silent/unattended/kiosk print option

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190 users

Codecademy Redesigned

Fixed bugs, new features, and restyled Q&A forums - Codecademy Redesigned.

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13 users


With Bits2Bytes you can convert various computer data units to each other.

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9 users

Disable System Alerts

Integration with system alert/notification services such as OS X Notification Center and libnotify
will be disabled while this extension is enabled.

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35 users

No More ASCII text inserter

Enables the easy addition of non ASCII data to web forms.

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4 users

VDoc Remote Access Requires Restart

Un accès facilité à votre serveur VDoc depuis Firefox

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5 users

CSS Resolver

Resolves the element under the mouse to the shortest css selector that uniquely identifies it

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607 users

Optimizely Toggle

This extension disables Optimizely for the tab you are browsing, via a switch.

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22 users


it's for you a slide creator . take easy copy image and mark original url on it .
you just right-click and choose what's url text color you want to
and that will marked original URL on image :)

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51 users

Webový odpad

Jednoduché nahlášení webového odpadu.

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