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One-click bookmark saving tool. Save your bookmarks on the cloud with

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Added October 24, 2014

LabStatsGo Browser App Tracking Addon for Firefox

A lightweight script to gather smart statistical data. Used in concert with the LabStatsGo client.

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Added October 21, 2014 Requires Restart

Лучшие дискуссии из бездны баша

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Added October 19, 2014


Lets you create a short URL for the current page or selected link using the URL shortener of your choice.

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Added October 18, 2014

Bagf Save Bunnies

A little side project of Bagf! We want to help stop the spread of rabbit meat!

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Added October 15, 2014

S-Net Connect

Use S-Net Connect to call numbers in Firefox.

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Added October 14, 2014

YouTube Flash Video Player

YouTube Flash Video Player is a powerful tool that will let you choose Flash video player as default YouTube video player.

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Added October 13, 2014

Unsticker Me

Hide Facebook sticker comments

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Added October 13, 2014

URL Buttons Pack Requires Restart

Use Toolbar Buttons Instead of Bookmarks Toolbar.Include 45 URL Buttons to Famous Websites

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Added October 13, 2014

Open Access Button

The Open Access Button helps you get the research you want right now, and adds papers you still need to your wishlists.

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Added October 12, 2014

Twobble - Twitter share links for Facebook Requires Restart

Adds a little Tweet option beside the Share link for each Facebook news article.

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Added October 11, 2014

Youtube to

This is a simple extension which convert any youtube video link to

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Added October 10, 2014

F1000 Browser Extension

Instantly save and annotate articles from the web

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Added October 9, 2014 Short URL Generator Requires Restart

An extension to generate a short URL using in the background of any webpage.

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Added October 7, 2014

Facebook Privacy Relabeller

Relabells the privacy settings of Facebook posts to reflect recent Australian law changes and proposals.
Facebook post privacy settings are now: "Public", "Friends and ASIO", "Only me and ASIO".

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Added October 4, 2014

VLP Aka Video Like Pass

VLP Aka Video Like Pass.
Did u ever open a page to see a video that requires a share on Facebook or a like?
This Addon allows you with one click to watch blocked videos on a new tab without the need to share/like.

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Added October 4, 2014

Helper for GitHub notifications in Gmail

Add links to GitHub threads and shortcuts to your Gmail interface.

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Added October 3, 2014


Displays the number of unread tasks in your Inbox folder.

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Added October 2, 2014

Comments Filter for Facebook

Simplifies search of comments.

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Added October 1, 2014

Copy Link as HTML or Markdown Code

This addon allows to copy the entire link code, the URL and the clickable text together.

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Added October 1, 2014