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Bahá'í Toolbar

The Bahá’í Toolbar provides instant access to official Bahá’í web sites, including news and learning resources.

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Added January 5, 2012


An extension button to enable users to share a link with a click. You can add contacts, remove contacts, and view your inbox with only one time login to the extension tool. You will be notified while browsing when receiving a link.

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Added January 5, 2012

Reverse Translator

Use it to turn text backwards or forwards again. This is useful for Backwards Day on January 31st or for having fun with friends via messages and email. If you ever find backwards text, this tool will quickly make it readable with one click.

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Added January 2, 2012

Bloglovin' No Restart

Follow all your favorite blogs

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Added January 2, 2012 saīsinātājs

Saīsini garās saites ar

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Added January 1, 2012


clipDO clips the web - Send to Kindle, fast and free web clipping from Firefox to Kindle

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Added January 1, 2012 Image Uploader

Upload and Share your images on with a simple right click!

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Added December 30, 2011

Unsorted menu (UnMenu)

Добавляет на панель кнопку для навигации по форуму

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Added December 29, 2011


Upload images to GlumboIMG by right clicking them in the Firefox browser!

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Added December 28, 2011

mluschipranie No Restart

download your myspace photos and optionally their comments

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Added December 26, 2011


All your favourite tabs in one page forever with you. This plugin was developed special for webber.

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Added December 26, 2011

Google Voice - Click-2-Call

Click a phone number on any page to place a call using Google Voice' Call-Back feature. Displays your number in the status bar and lists your most recent call when hovered.

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Added December 24, 2011

Search and e-mail notification widget

email notification support: Gmail,yahoo,Hotmail,zohu,aol,icloud,facebook
content search support: google,bing,wiki,yahoo,ask,amazon,ebay,baidu

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Added December 22, 2011

Magic Traders Private Messaging

Fixes private messaging on

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Added December 20, 2011

Watch Vimeo, Dailymotion and Youtube videos simultaneously with your contacts : start/pause videos, change from a video to another, go back and forth the video, and chat together !

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Added December 16, 2011

F4c3b00k Older

Este addon força o facebook a implementar a versão velha em seu perfil!

It's to get a older facebook in ur profile

Это, чтобы получить старше facebook в своем профиле

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Added December 12, 2011

Tab notifier Featured

Enables desktop notifications like in Chrome (e.g. Gmail, and, if the site doesn't support them, it can notify new messages or updates detecting changes of the title (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter). Even if the browser is minimized!

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Added December 12, 2011


This Add-on will adding 'Share to Plurk' button below every fb-Like buttons.

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Added December 12, 2011


The Carbon 14 of the web

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Added December 11, 2011

Multi-access Encryption by Vinay Rao

Network Security Project ECE 574 under Prof. William Enck completed by Vinay Rao

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Added December 9, 2011