Context Peek

Context Peek add-on provides a preview pane over the existing page that can display the content from the configured websites relevant to the selected text or context.

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Added July 14, 2011

Which? Shopping Toolbar

When shopping online, the Which? Shopping Toolbar will automatically recognise the product you are looking at and how much it costs. Within seconds the toolbar will appear with the cheaper price and a direct link to the Which? review, if available.

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550 users
Added July 12, 2011

Penny Auction HUD

PennyHUD is a Google Chrome extension that integrates with penny auction websites to provide on demand bidders statistics.

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70 users
Added July 9, 2011

Bidalien eBay sniper button

Snipe on eBay with BidAlien sniper button.

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Added July 6, 2011

CouponsHelper Featured

CouponsHelper automatically finds coupon codes from thousands of retailers while you shop online. CouponsHelper is hidden until it finds coupons, so no pointless pop ups !
Tutorial video:

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73,670 users
Added July 6, 2011


方便在中国大陆的多家(尤其是 3C)购物网站上同时搜索,使用同样的关键词、同样(或类似)的排序及显示方式(需网站支持),同时还能帮您获得一些返利。

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Added July 5, 2011


Calculette de taxe Paypal (valable pour la France)

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Added June 30, 2011

Fastest Search No Restart Featured

This all-in-one search/browse/productivity boosting addon could replace many top addons yet offers MANY unique features like regex, smart searchbox, multi-tab preview, ... Ctrl-Shift-F activates a special FindBar more powerful than any browser/addon.

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15,072 users
Added June 29, 2011

Woot Watcher Plus

Woot Watcher Plus monitors the Woot! web site, and keeps you updated with the current item, price, and if it is sold out.

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Added June 27, 2011

Awesomebooks toolbar

Awesomebooks toolbar is a free search and navigation tool that accompanies you as you surf the web, providing an easier and faster way to navigate without interrupting your web browsing.

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Added June 27, 2011

BUYNOW Кнопка добавления заказа в корзину

Кнопка для добавления заказов из любого интернет магазина в корзину заказов сайта

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Added June 18, 2011


This addon lets you easily send money to other BitCoin users from within Firefox, without needing to open the BitCoin client.

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Added June 17, 2011

Unbeatable Bar

Always get the best online deal with lower price alerts plus voucher codes!

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Added June 17, 2011


Rately lets you compare items and get feedback using Facebook & Twitter

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Added June 15, 2011



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Added June 8, 2011 - Aktuelle Gutscheine & Rabatte

Ich spar Geld beim Gutscheinheld!
Sobald Du einen Online-Shop besuchst, für den auf gültige Gutscheine oder Schnäppchen zur Verfügung stehen, zeigt dir das kostenlose Gutschein Add-on diese sofort an.

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Added June 7, 2011

Amazon Products Gallery

An endless gallery of Amazon products. This is a very simple way of browsing through the hundreds of products available on Amazon.

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Added June 5, 2011

UBL Used Book Tracking Manager

UBL monitors Amazon for you when looking for used books that aren't currently available - the book might be completely unavailable or the price/condition just isn't right. We let you know via RSS - this extension makes it easy to add new requests.

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Added June 4, 2011

CloudShopper No Restart

Find lower prices while you shop.

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Added June 1, 2011

Wyszukiwanie allegro i powiadomienia ekspresowe. Alespotter pozwoli Ci być pierwszym! Nie przegap już nigdy więcej żadnej oferty!

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Added May 30, 2011