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Host Images with Right-Click Requires Restart

Uploads All kind of images from other sites to our Free Image Hosting site with Right Click Menu with Just One Click.

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Twitch Video Control Compatible with Firefox 57+

Adds keyboard controls to the twitch html5 player.
f = toggle fullscreen
t = toggle theatre mode
m = toggle mute
k = toggle play/pause
j = jump back 10 seconds (in a recording)
l = leap forward 10 seconds (in a recording)

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Скриншот на VFL.Ru Requires Restart

С помощью этого дополнения вы можете создать скриншот (снимок) страницы и моментально разместить его на фотохостинге VFL.Ru, получив ссылку на страницу с созданным скриншотом, которую можно отправить тем, кому вы хотели бы показать скриншот.

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Vimeo Tooltip & Notification Compatible with Firefox 57+

Show Vimeo clip's title & duration as link's tooltip or as notification

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My Yandex.Fotki Uploader Requires Restart

This plugin helps upload photos to Yandex.Fotki with is draged and droped to textarea.

Added rehost function.

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Display a photo or video from Instagram

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Janus Requires Restart

Janus adds a like/dislike bar under YouTube video thumbnails, giving people more information about how worthwhile a video is. The hit-count alone can be very misleading; having the like/dislike info helps skip over the junk and find the good stuff.

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Image Spark Requires Restart

Add images to your Image Spark account by right clicking on any image.

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WebinarJeo Screen Capturing

WebinarJeo addon for screensharing

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120 users Uploader Requires Restart

Laden Sie über den Dienst Bilder und Fotos direkt aus dem Browser hoch.

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Video Preview

Video Preview will bring to you amazing experience when watching video. If you want to read comments with watching video, don’t worry about it. Video Preview will helps you.

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Hide YouTube fullscreen controls Compatible with Firefox 57+

Hides the YouTube fullscreen controls when moving the mouse to the left border.

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Youtube Watch And Read

Keep reading Youtube comments while watching videos.

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YouTube MP3 Downloader using

Convert YouTube videos easily and fast to MP3 (audio) or MP4 (video) files and download these for free. Service via

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Bear Firefox extension Compatible with Firefox 57+

Send to text snippets or entire web pages.

Click on the Bear icon to send the entire page, you can also select a specific part of the page.

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Youtube auto replay with custom timer.

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Youtube Fitting Mode Compatible with Firefox 57+

Bring fitting mode to youtube video player in any window sizes. This addon is supported by

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HTML Video FPS Counter. Compatible with Firefox 57+

View the fps of an html <video> element.</video>

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ImageBot Requires Restart

Best Firefox Image Uploader (integrates Imgur, Photobucket, and ImageShack)
Supports logging in with your account, synchronization of pre-existing images, uploading of clipboard, dynamic template system for copying image(s) BBCode or HTML source code

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twitter-image-helper Compatible with Firefox 57+

This addon provides an additional context menu on Twitter's default webpage. This menu allows easier opening of images, even in the gallery view where such images are harder to access. Furthermore, it ensures the original quality image url is opened.

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