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Painel do Spotify Requires Restart

Uma forma simples de integrar o Spotify ao Firefox.

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140 users

Fm Radio 24

Access 15000s of radio stations - all in one spot!

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761 users


MariMainPiano is a musical instrument substitute in form of browser extension for entertainment use.

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47 users

Скриншот на VFL.Ru Requires Restart

С помощью этого дополнения вы можете создать скриншот (снимок) страницы и моментально разместить его на фотохостинге VFL.Ru, получив ссылку на страницу с созданным скриншотом, которую можно отправить тем, кому вы хотели бы показать скриншот.

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131 users

Inline Audio Player

Displays inline play button next to links to audio files (*.wav, *.mp3, *.ogg)

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223 users

IMSLP Auto Downloader Compatible with Firefox 57+

Automatically downloads files from IMSLP without the 15 second delay

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187 users

Serenatas For You

En 4 pasos envía la serenata, sencillo, seguro y rápido.

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3 users

YoutubeCinema Compatible with Firefox 57+

Watch videos without the distracting cruft around it, in the full window.

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106 users

Anime Takvimi Add-on

Forum ve sitelerde anime bilgilerini ve myanimelist teki izleme durumunuzu gösterir.

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Music Gucker Deutschland S Requires Restart

Mark a phrase (song, lyrics, artist), open and paste the phrase with ctrl-V into their search box, then press the space bar on your keyboard.
They want to be accessed by a human being.

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4 users

YouTube Enhance for Google Search

Play or download YouTube videos in Google Search Results. No need to go to YouTube.

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79 users

Google Plus Youtube Playlist Requires Restart

Google Plus Youtube Playlist brings an Youtube Playlist with Google Plus integration right into your Firefox.

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458 users

Disable Load Images

Habilita/Deshabilita la vieja característica de cargar imágenes automáticamente.

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Менеджер загрузок музыки с сайта Одноклассники.

Данное расширение, позволяет пользователям с медленным интернетом, скачать и просшулать песню с сайта Одноклассники.

После прослушивания песню необходимо удалить.

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2,968 users

AutoLoop Compatible with Firefox 57+

Auto play/loops a youtube video.

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20 users

Oddshot Compatible with Firefox 57+

Firefox extension for Oddshot

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2,175 users

Nice Playlist Generator Compatible with Firefox 57+

Makes Spotify playlists from charts or lists

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26 users

Youtube SpacePauseify

Pauses Youtube videos when space is pressed

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63 users

Gallery View

Overlay a gallery of loaded images, as well as linked images, from the active tab.

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34 users

Google Image Lookup Requires Restart

Drag images from your hard disk or anywhere on a webpage onto a small popup box to search them on Google and find their origins and other copies of them probably with higher resolutions. You can also use the context menu item to search an image.

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669 users