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Beezik Multi

Download songs from beezik faster and easier !
Thanks to this add-on, you will be able to create, manage, and share download lists.

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Added February 21, 2011


Allows native rightclick functionality to rehost images at

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Added February 20, 2011


Extension allows you to send various content to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

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Added February 20, 2011

ImageUp right click upload

Found an image you like and want to share it on forums or your website? Our free image uploading addon will upload the image you want to our free image sharing site and generate a unique link to your image.

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Added February 19, 2011

Vkontakte MP3 downloader

Скачивает MP3 треки под своими именами и сразу со всей страницы в социальной сети Вконтакте ( и

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Added February 16, 2011 Image Uploader

Adds image uploading context menu item for images.

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Added February 14, 2011


Quickly download and convert YouTube videos to mp3 audio files.

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Added February 13, 2011

GrooveControl No Restart

GrooveControl allows you to do basic controls of grooveshark's functionality when you have it open in another tab.

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Added February 8, 2011 images with right-click

Uploads All kind of images from other sites to our Free Image Hosting site with Right Click Menu with Just One Click.This plugin allows you to easily host any jpg, png, or gif image

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Added February 8, 2011

Youtube to mp3 converter -

Adds a download button to the firefox toolbar, the button enables when youtube video's are being watched. By clicking on it you can download the video as a high quality mp3 file, totally free!

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Added February 8, 2011

Chichi Girls Toolbar

The Chichi Girls toolbar allows users to browse photos and videos, as well as search photos, albums, videos, and blogs at is a website for ladies to upload style and fashion photos and videos.

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Added February 7, 2011

ualoo Image Uploader

This plugin allows you to host and share any JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF image by simply right clicking on the image. ualoo™ is Co-Engineered by: LimePic and Hix International

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Added February 2, 2011

CE Downloader

YouTube、ニコニコ動画などの動画をダウンロードし、各種形式に変換、保存することができる動画専用ブラウザ Craving Explorer の変換、保存機能を Firefox から使用できるようにします。

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Added January 30, 2011

vkontakte download

НОВАЯ ВЕРСИЯ!! Скачивайте видео и музыку с и в Один клик с нормальными названиями. Получение битрейта всех песен, скрытие плохих песен, скрытие одинаковых песен. Скачивание видео с плеера vkontakte и youtube в любом качестве.

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Added January 30, 2011 Tools Add-on No Restart

the Firefox Extension!

Remove limitation and watch videos from streaming platforms. Backup/Regenerate your links.

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Added January 29, 2011


No crop images (or embeded videos) when you use PageDown key or "`" to page down page. Also you can use toolbar button. For normal page down you can use Space bar.

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Added January 29, 2011


Replace tags and hashtags with interactive images - cozytags.
On any website or blog, even on the twitter and facebook.

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Added January 27, 2011


Displays license and attribution information for Creative Commons licensed content.

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Added January 26, 2011

Video Audio Myxa

Download video and music from any web page.

There is no need to have a maintained list of supported sites - any video/audio playable in the browser can be saved.

Just press 'play' and your video/audio file will appear in the download list.

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Added January 25, 2011

Search Image Everywhere

Reverse image search on Tineye, Google, Cydral, Yandex, Baidu and several at once. You can choose which engines to display in the context menu when over an image, which should have icons and which are included when you Search Image Everywhere.

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Added January 22, 2011