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Good Old YouTube Downloader

THIS ADDON DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE. Please look for 1-Click YouTube Video Downloader instead.

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Added April 5, 2011

Image Preview

Preview image when mouse over image link.

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Added April 3, 2011


Download YouTube Videos in FLV and MP4 (both High Defintion and iPod compatible High-Quality) in a single click.

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Added April 2, 2011 - Free ImageHosting up to 10MB

Simply make a right click on a Image and select "Upload to" so thats is it..

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Added March 29, 2011

Minus No Restart


Minus will simplify the way you share online. Manage your photos and files with your free Minus account anywhere you go. Upload, edit and share photos and screenshots from your Firefox browser and more!

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Added March 28, 2011 Free Image Hosting

Addon Created for ZillaImage and for its users to upload with a single click!

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Added March 27, 2011

Cover Art Finder No Restart

A simple restartless addon that shows cover art in your MP3/FLAC/WAV folders and provides an easy way of retrieving missing artwork.

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Added March 26, 2011

Dodatek umożliwia proste pobieranie z serwisu Możliwe jest także ściąganie plików mp3 z serwisu

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Added March 26, 2011

InlineDisposition No Restart

InlineDisposition changes the disposition of Content-Disposition response headers from attachment to inline; this prevents servers from forcing the browser to save a file and allows that file to be viewed in the browser, if the browser supports it.

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Added March 25, 2011

Tonnerre Pics UP upload

Avec Tonnerre Pics UP upload uploadez vos images sur le site !

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Added March 22, 2011

Slide Show Viewer

View images on your hard disk.

ssViewer is a slideshow viewer for images on your local storage. It allows you to navigate to any of your local folders and display each picture as a slideshow.

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Added March 21, 2011


Keekto is a multiplatform service allowing to share links (web pages, images, maps, videos, ...) to any connected device (computer, mobile, tablet, connected TV, ...). The addon help you to add links to your keekto timeline.

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Added March 18, 2011

bug641599 No Restart

Workaround Bug 641599 Layer is not cleaned after image resizing with Ctrl+,
Bug 641599 was fixed on cedar and trunk(12-Apr-2011 JST)

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Added March 15, 2011

ImgFlex Remote Upload

Remote upload and resize with one right click on image!

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Added March 15, 2011


NinefoldFox helps you organize/manage/store your files on the Ninefold Online Cloud Storage service. It is easy to install and use as it is integrated into the browser.

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Added March 6, 2011

Awesome Screenshot Plus - Capture, Annotate & More No Restart

Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, one-click upload to share. And more!

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Added March 3, 2011

Easy YouTube MP3 Downloader

This is an easy youtube to mp3 downloader which allows you to convert all youtube videos to mp3

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Added March 2, 2011

YouTube MP3 Downloadhelper

You can Download every YouTube Videos to an MP3 Audio-File with this Addon.

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Added March 2, 2011

Open In Fireworks

Open In Fireworks is a new companion for web and graphic designers to open up any web image with Adobe Fireworks via a single and quick mouse click.

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Added February 28, 2011

WildFox Video Add-On

Rewrites HTML 5 Video tags to Embed tags so that any mediaplayer plug-in can be used to play back the videos.

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Added February 28, 2011