TiVo Community Forums Menu Requires Restart

Here by request! Navigate the TiVo Community Forums from anywhere on the web using this menu at the top of...

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MySpace Friend Renamer Requires Restart

An extension that allows you to rename your MySpace...

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Mail Notifier Requires Restart

E-mail Notifier for POP3...

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Number Madness Requires Restart

Mozilla version of the C game. Arrange the numbers in correct order from left to right, top to...

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PALMLINKER::COM Sidebar Requires Restart

PALMLINKER::COM is server which provides services for mobile devices...

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Črke · Letters · 字母 Requires Restart

On-line visual poem.

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c2cWebdialer Requires Restart

C2cWebdialer extension works with a CISCO Unified telephony solution to provide an easy way to dial phone numbers on web pages. Just select the phone number and choose 'Dial with CISCO Webdialer' from the contextual menu !

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KarClient Requires Restart

By installing this plugin you will be able to record and playback songs at kSolo.com...

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Tab Effect Requires Restart

Add effects when current tab is changed...

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RHP Check Mate Requires Restart

This mate periodically checks the RedHotPawn website (and family) looking for pending...

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Consciousness Bell Requires Restart

Plays a Tibetan bowl chime at random intervals to evoke mindfulness.

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ZINC Requires Restart

An open-source cross-platform hardware accelerated 3D visualisation extension.

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Navigate the Bodybuilding .gr Forum Requires Restart

Navigate the Bodybuilding Forum of www.bodybuilding.gr

Announcements and tester testimonials (in Greek) http://forum.bodybuilding.gr/viewtopic.php?t=2178 . Has been tested with firefox 1.5 to 3.0a1

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Windows Shortcuts Requires Restart

Adds some Windows Firefox keyboard shortcuts to Linux Firefox.

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awPlus Requires Restart

AWPlus is a system that turns the Astrowars playing experience beyond what the own game offers. Organizing the information already existing in a concise way and turning the access of the game features something merely intuitive.

Using this Firefox e...

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PrevNextArrows Requires Restart

Arrows to go to next and previous URLs of sequential photos and a gallery to view them

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Eortologio - Greek Namedays Calendar Requires Restart

Greek Namedays Calendar extension for Firefox.

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CNRI Handle Extension for Firefox Requires Restart

CNRI Handle Extension for Firefox enables the browser to access handle or DOI URIs like hdl:4263537/4000 or doi:10.1000/1 using the Handle System. It will even recognize references to web-to-handle proxy servers as handle resolutions.

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OSM Links Requires Restart

This extension adds entries to the context menu, that can help you to send Links or Text that contain GPS-coordinates to the OSM Links website. This enables you to switch between many OpenStreetMap-based SlippyMaps much faster.

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firefixx Requires Restart

Firefox extension for fixx bug tracker.

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