直子の代筆ツールバー Requires Restart


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Added October 31, 2013

Casino Blocker

Blocks casino related websites and displays an awareness page.

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Added October 29, 2013

Quick Options

Firefox for Windows only.
Quickly accessing Options pane from Firefox Options menu.
Supports ALL languages.

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Added October 29, 2013


Take a look at the current menu of Gourmet Compagnie.

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Added October 22, 2013

Bala Vignana Vahini - Application Launcher

This app runs any linux command by opening up the url "bvv-app://command_absolute_path" for example "bvv-app:///usr/bin/gnome-terminal". It creates a widget ( Viewable in the addon bar ). If you click the widget it takes you to balaswecha.swecha.org

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Added October 20, 2013

about:newtab Context Menu

Add new context menu on about:newtab page to modify link title and URL.

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Added October 16, 2013

Navigation Keys

Adds keyboard shortcuts for jumping to next or previous post to any website.

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Added October 14, 2013

Pythagoras Theorem

Calculates sides of right angled triangle using Pythagoras Theorem Calculator. Give two sides, third can be computed using this

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Added October 13, 2013

Helium Backup

This extension guarantees availability of inWebo Helium OTP generator in any circumstances.

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Added October 9, 2013

Buscador de prueba ENAC

Provide a brief summary:

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Added October 8, 2013

グーグルマップ高速道路緑化計画 Requires Restart


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Added October 7, 2013


Add more commands for Developer Toolbar (GCLI).

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Added October 6, 2013

Convert Case

Provides option in right click menu to easily convert text between lower, UPPER, Sentence, Capitalized and aLtErNaTiNg cAsEs.

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Added October 6, 2013

YouTube Approval Rating

A simple YouTube Thumbs Up percent.

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Added October 5, 2013

Login Fácil Produbanco

Let you remove the readonly password input on the page http://www.produbanco.com/ and avoid the on-screen keyboard

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Added October 3, 2013



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Added October 2, 2013

textPlus Requires Restart

textPlus te permite seleccionar porciones de texto de una página web y luego copiarlas al portapaples o guardar como un archivo de texto.

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Added September 27, 2013

Aker (2)


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Added September 26, 2013

Setlinks Plugin

Плагин расширяет возможности биржи www.setlinks.ru.
Позволяет проверять индексацию ссылок и страниц в Яндекс и Google, а так же контролировать содержание страниц доноров.

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Added September 26, 2013

Print Preview Button and Keyboard Shortcut Requires Restart

Adds a "Print Preview" button to the customize toolbar in Firefox.
Binds the Ctrl+Alt-Shift+P keyboard shortcut to Print Preview.

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Added September 25, 2013