L'extension des Validateurs du Site du Zéro

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Added July 31, 2009


Enable multi-touch in webpages with the Safari API. Events are forwarded from a TUIO server and then send to a HTML or XUL page.

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Added July 28, 2009


Advanced URL prefix and suffix completion.
An attempt to create a dotCOMplete equivalent for Firefox version 3.5 and above.

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Added July 27, 2009


Read Bibles & other biblical material in languages ranging from English to Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese from the comfort of the Firefox interface you are already familiar with, even when offline! Powerful search, bookmark, history & fast verse lookup.

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Added July 25, 2009

Middle Mouse Preferences

"Middle Mouse Preferences" change preferences on middlemouse click.

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8 users
Added July 24, 2009

number generator

random numbers generator for lottery.6/49,5+1.

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Added July 23, 2009

Better QAPM

Extensión para mejorar la herramienta de testing QAPM.

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Added July 17, 2009


CsvViewer is the extension for viewing editing and creating CSV files directly from the Mozilla Firefox.

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8 users
Added July 9, 2009

Extdev Preferences

Set basic prefs for extension developers

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41 users
Added July 8, 2009

OVH VOIP Click2Call

This add-on allows to right click on a french phone number and call it with the VOIP API from OVH.COM.

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110 users
Added July 3, 2009

Pardus Copilot

Pardus MMORPG Trading Tool

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182 users
Added June 21, 2009

butsa.ru players training

Расчет мастерства и опыта игроков для ФМ "Золотая Бутса" (butsa.ru)

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55 users
Added June 18, 2009

Exchange BNR

Exchange Currency BNR

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63 users
Added June 12, 2009


Firefox extension for fixx bug tracker.

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Added June 7, 2009


Show Firefox notifications as KDE4 Plasma notifications.

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1,065 users
Added May 31, 2009

DoubleClick ContextMenu

Opera like double click context menu

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198 users
Added May 31, 2009


Runs the selected string as a command line parameter of a local program via right-click or Tools menu. Download from the homepage some examples showing how to use this add-on.

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147 users
Added May 24, 2009

The Middle Mouse Button

This is a very simple Firefox extension that will allow you to use the middle mouse button as a Go Back button. At the end of the browser history, it can also close the current tab.

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429 users
Added May 23, 2009

Mozilla Labs - Jetpack Prototype

Jetpack Prototype is an experiment in making it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web technologies.

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288 users
Added May 20, 2009

Clip to OneNote

Clip to OneNote is a free add-on which helps you to send text, pictures and other data to Microsoft Office OneNote with a single click.

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9,516 users
Added May 18, 2009