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TaoAssistent Requires Restart

TaoAssistent - поиск товаров на и заказ через сайт посредник Встроенный Google переводчик.

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Updated January 9, 2014

utf8 characters

☞ utf8 characters is an extension that contains a list of cool characters ☆ ✪ ✰ to copy and paste into your messages ❀ on sites that use utf, like twitter or wordpress ☺ ✓

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546 users
Updated January 7, 2014

Kitsune Requires Restart

Kitsune is a Firefox extension which enables users to input Japanese in Firefox without external Japanse IME.

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822 users
Updated December 30, 2013

The Book of Mozilla, 15:1 in Japanese

The Book of Mozilla, 15:1 in Japanese

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23 users
Updated December 17, 2013


Verbose is an English language dictionary, which helps you to get the definition of a word which you selected by your mouse click.

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Updated December 16, 2013

lernu-es Requires Restart

Language learning : at every page load there appears a random Esperanto-Spanish word translated in the status bar. Lingva lernado : je chiu novpaghigho estas tradukita hazarda vorto Esperanto-Hispana en la...

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Updated December 14, 2013

MacDict Requires Restart

Lookup selected text in the built-in Mac OS X Dictionary.

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85 users
Updated December 4, 2013

Myanmar Language System

Myanmar System Writter

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14 users
Updated November 25, 2013

ABC Alfa-Bravo-Charlie Table

Simple Alfa-Bravo-Charlie Table for add-on bar in Firefox

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Updated November 25, 2013

English to Urdu Meaning

Double-click any word to view its Urdu meaning, further clicking the Urdu word opens complete definition of the word.

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312 users
Updated November 22, 2013

Tai Viet fonts package

Thai Viet fonts for Firefox for Android.

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Updated November 18, 2013

СловоУч - добавление слов в словарь

Позволяет просматривать и добавлять в свой личный словарь слова с любых сайтов. Двойным кликом мышки вы можете просмотреть все доступные переводы, прослушать произношение, и добавить слово в личный словарь.

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133 users
Updated November 14, 2013

JSZhuyin IME for Firefox

An offline web-based Zhuyin IME for Firefox.

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55 users
Updated November 3, 2013


Parayumpole English-Malayalam Phonetic Transliteration Application

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46 users
Updated November 3, 2013

CNRTL - Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales Requires Restart

Textual and lexical resources on

Rated 5 out of 5 stars (1)
592 users
Updated November 1, 2013 Requires Restart

English-Kurdish Translation

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20 users
Updated October 27, 2013


Detect Zawgyi and Unicode and include font embed. So, user no need to install zawgyi or unicode font to see Myanmar

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1,724 users
Updated October 26, 2013

Fix Bug 876101

This extension is for Indonesian (id) locale only.

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Updated October 24, 2013

Roman Numeral Converter

Convert Arabic numbers to Roman Numeral and vice versa!

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Updated October 7, 2013

samwin Click to Dial

samwin click to dial ermöglicht das direkte Anrufen von Nummern aus einer Seite mit dem samwin Agent.

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Updated September 29, 2013