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The add-on converts Ukrainian Cyrillic text to Ukrainian Latin. Abecadlo is a variant of Ukrainian latinization based on the Polish script.

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Added March 21, 2017

Greek alphabet

Eeasy access Greek alphabet.

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Added March 16, 2017



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Added March 16, 2017

A helper for Google Translate.

Translation of selected text by pressing the CTRL key.

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Added February 13, 2017

Translate keyboard layout online GSgen.RU

Online translate text in wrong keyboard layout. Chrome Extension from developers of site

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Added February 13, 2017


Utilisez Bon Patron d'un simple clic-droit ! Bon Patron un correcteur d'orthographe et de grammaire gratuit.

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Added February 12, 2017

L10n Workflow

Uma maneira mais rápida de acessar os sites utilizados para localizar/traduzir os produtos e projetos da Mozilla para o Português do Brasil.

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Added February 3, 2017

App for Google Translate™

Easily open and use google translate while you browse, with just one click

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Added January 31, 2017


[Spanish language-related] Elimina todas las tildes diacríticas de una página web.

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Added January 27, 2017 Extension

Translates words and enables you to save them to your lists and to repeat them everywhere on the web.

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Added January 18, 2017


Replaces "Trump", "Donald Trump" and "President-elect Trump" with super clever Trump-esque nicknames.

Out of respect for the office of the Presidency, this plug-in goes inactive after inauguration day.

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Added January 17, 2017


Provides meaning of highlighted words in notifications

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Added January 13, 2017


Get instant feedback on your writing with WriteLab

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Added January 5, 2017


Web Extension forcing 'The Settlers Online' to use the same language as your browser!

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Added January 2, 2017

Cambridge English Dictionary

Cambridge English Dictionary search tool

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Added December 31, 2016

clingykoala - English grammar and more. Quiz tests.

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Added December 30, 2016

Translate to me

Translate the selected text with ''.

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Added December 14, 2016


Allows you to set the font and size of Arabic text, making it easy to read.

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Added December 8, 2016

Hebrew Tooltip Translation

Translate Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew by just hovering the mouse over a word using Morfix translation.

Also has options to let you translate by: Ctrl-Click or Shift-highlight and other options, too!

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Added December 5, 2016

Persian Twitter

Improve Twitter & TweetDeck user experience for Persian users

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Added December 1, 2016