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View news stories and other articles in a very easy to read, clutter-free, scrollable display.

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Added July 11, 2010

Ferrari Add-on for Firefox

Stay connected to Ferrari and download this amazing browser application. This is an add-on to your existing browser, meaning you can surf the web in a more familiar environment while staying connected to Ferrari all the time you’re online.

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Added July 9, 2010

Comments for eBay

Adds a "Comments"-Tab to any eBay-Item page that you visit. You can thus talk to others about the item for sale, the seller, ask questions, and tell fellow eBayers when you found the item somewhere else for less.

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Added July 1, 2010



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Added June 27, 2010

Reader No Restart Featured

Reader is the ultimate Reader tool for Firefox.

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Added June 24, 2010


That is a plugin for working with c2m services(http://index01d.com/c2m/). This plugin allows you to share your code with cc2m(copy code) and substitute long urls to short ones with cu2m(copy url). Plugin puts url to code or short url into clipboard.

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Added June 15, 2010


Readable is an application that helps you read more of the web. It transforms text on any website using fonts, colors, and layouts of your choosing.

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Added June 13, 2010

Gayburg Slice No Restart

Display the latest headlines from Gayburg (an Italian gay blog) in a format very similiar to webslices.

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Added June 8, 2010

Sina Microblog Weaver

A sina microblog weaver extension. Non-disturbing. It is just a silent bar below the browser.

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Added June 7, 2010

ESPN Cricinfo

The official ESPN Cricinfo Firefox extension. Shows you the latest cricket news, features and live scores from espncricinfo.com

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Added June 6, 2010

GoodReflex - Football feeder

Get Football scores live update !

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Added June 4, 2010


With this extension you can quickly paste any type of text to the website http://pastebin.com

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Added June 3, 2010

LikeThePage - Facebook Like Any Page!

Easily share web pages you like with your friends and see how many people on Facebook like the page you are on!

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Added June 1, 2010

My Computer Hates Me!

Your Computer Hates YOU! Will you laugh or will you cry as you receive your daily dose of abuse, delivered from your very own PC.

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Added June 1, 2010

Study English everyday


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Added May 20, 2010


Eine Erweiterung für Firefox Webbrowser, die den Text des Fensters auf eine Minimale Schriftgröße zwischen zwei Werten setzt. Diese Einstellung findet man normalerweise ein wenig im Setup von Firefox versteckt und sehr umständlich zu ändern.

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Added May 20, 2010

CEOP Toolbar Button

Instantly get the right advice and contacts if you are concerned about something that has happened online.

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Added May 19, 2010


Trimbly is an extraordinarily consumer-focused purchasing tool that saves you time and money. When you're on a product page, we'll show you prices for that same item from around the web. Use this tool to save time and money.

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Added May 18, 2010

Cutyfox URL Shortener (bit.ly, is.gd, goo.gl)

Cutyfox URL Shortener shortens the long link of the current website and copies the short version into your clipboard. You can generate bit.ly, j.mp, goo.gl, is.gd and mcaf.ee links. It supports also user definable keyboard shortcuts.

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Added May 14, 2010

WikiTweak - Wikipedia Enhancer

The Ultimate Wikipedia Enhancer! Instantly add many tweaks to Wikipedia including: Extra Links, Styles, Language Options, and much more. A must have for Wikipedia users.

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Added May 14, 2010