A custom toolbar button allowing collection of links.

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Added July 4, 2009

list-it: take notes quickly! (listit,

List-it is a fast, simple, 100% Free+Open Source (MIT License) note-taking tool for Firefox. Designed by a research group at MIT, List-it lets you quickly take short notes to yourself + quickly access them whenever and wherever you need em.

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Added July 1, 2009


Complement per a escurçar adreces web per mitjà del servei proveït a

Problemes per a les seguents plataformes :
* Mac

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Added June 30, 2009


Highlights, is an ultra-light-weight (18 KB) multi-color highlighting tool to highlight text on web pages with a right-click. Highlights are saved in a user-defined folder and saved highlights are automatically loaded when page is revisited.

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Added June 29, 2009

Send to: Phone

Send any link to a cellphone

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Added June 27, 2009


Schedule tabs to open at specific times.

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Added June 23, 2009

CyberMentors Add-on For Firefox

This add-on is for participants in the CyberMentors project, for young people to help and support each other online. CyberMentors is a Beatbullying project. For more information, please visit:

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Added June 22, 2009


Adds 'Hoop it' to the right-click menu. When selected, the current page will be included in your hoop (RSS feed). Share the same hoop with friends (or strangers) and share links and comments.

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Added June 14, 2009

Barra de Español

Toolbar for students of the Spanish language. Includes word definition search, entry of special characters, and links to native Spanish websites.

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Added May 20, 2009

Bookmarks menu

View your bookmarks in a toolbar button menu

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Added May 19, 2009

Sailor Shortcuts

This add-on enable users to set up to 10 shortcut keys / hot keys to 10 commonly accessed URLs. It also allows the user to switch tabs by using the control arrow keys.

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Added May 19, 2009

miPanga Toolbar

A toolbar for miPanga which gives you the power to capture and organise websites within a second!

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Added May 11, 2009 extension firefox extension for use with services. pastebin, irc, url shortener, random links.

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Added May 10, 2009


Display thumbnails on new browser tab with full control on their layout. You can also use it as a home page.

Attention: doesn't work with the latest Firefox version. Will fix as soon as possible.

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Added May 4, 2009

Delicious Post

Post the current page or link to Delicious.

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Added May 2, 2009



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Added April 13, 2009

eBayBuddy UK (United Kingdom

Easy access to eBay UK and related tools via the right-click context menu and/or the toolbar button menu. To search without typing anything, simply highlight Text on a page and double click eBay Buddy.

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Added April 8, 2009

bug447571 (Expand bookmarks toolbar)

Workaround Bug 447571 and Bug 449736 for Firefox 3.0.x and 3.5.x
Workaround Bug 542848 and Bug 544227 for Firefox 3.6.x

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Added April 2, 2009


WebReview enhances the abilities to re-find already visited websites and visualizes every single browsing session based on your local Firefox history. Furthermore it proposes you regularly visited sites just in the right time.

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Added April 2, 2009

Hatena Bookmark

はてなブックマーク用の公式 Firefox アドオンです。はてなブックマーク ( は株式会社はてなが提供する、日本国内最大のソーシャル・ブックマークサービスです。会社で見つけたサイトをオンラインにブックマーク、家に帰ってゆっくり見たいというニーズに応えると同時に、ブックマークを他のユーザーと共有し、これまでにない新しい情報体験を提供します。

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Added March 30, 2009