Pimpoflage - Auto Hide Options for Status Bar and Navigation Bar

Pimpoflage creates a customizable auto hide function for both the top and bottom bars in firefox in windowed and fullscreen modes.

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Added March 23, 2009


advancedKeywords expands the keywords feature to more than one argument.
You can, for example, get directions using Google Maps just by typing a keyword and two locations in your URL-Bar.

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Added March 22, 2009


Workaround fix for Bug 406646 clicking Bookmarks menu when Firefox starts, tries to add current page as bookmark

This bug was fixed in Firefox3.1b4pre. and Firefox3.0.11pre
This Extension is not need any more!

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Added March 7, 2009

bug419911 (diagonal dragging)

Workaround fix for 'Bug 419911 Support diagonal dragging through bookmarks menus (was:Bookmarks submenu is closed immediately during dragging) '

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Added March 7, 2009



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Added February 24, 2009

Bookmark Rater

Rate your favorite bookmarks with Bookmark Rater. Do you have lots of bookmarks? How do you tell which bookmarks have the most useful information? By rating them with Bookmark Rater you can visually see which ones were the best and which ones were th...

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Added February 21, 2009

Flat Bookmarks

Makes the Bookmarks and History Sidebars a flat list view, instead of the traditional tree view.

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Added February 20, 2009

New Tab King

New Tab King is the premier extension for turning your new tab page into a beacon of productivity and efficiency.

Featuring a todo list, recently closed tabs, most visited pages and more!

Tons of visual customization option too!

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Added February 20, 2009


An undergraduate honours year project. Detects academic paper citations while you surf and allows you to add them to a reading list.

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Added February 16, 2009


MyTabs is a micro bookmarking tool to help you set your tabs straight.

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Added February 12, 2009


Secure remote storage of your personnal passwords, bookmarks and notes, crypted by your navigator. Auto-login, auto fill, auto detect authentication forms or HTTP-authentication, Single Sign-On, always synchronized with all your firefox navigators.

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Added February 12, 2009

Browser View

Open links, pages, and bookmarks in any other browser, using right-click context menus or with one click of the drop-down or standalone toolbar buttons. Modify any menu, browser name or location. Incognito/private browsing mode is also supported.

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Added February 3, 2009

Tagmarks Modifier

Change the iconset of Tagmarks as you like

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Added January 22, 2009

Delete Refered Bookmarks

Delete Refered Bookmarks

A bookmark is also deleted with a tag.

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Added January 17, 2009


Post current page to twitter via

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Added January 11, 2009

Email Yourself!

Email Yourself! allows you to email yourself the link, title, and a selected summary of the webpage you are viewing using GMail.

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Added January 7, 2009

bookmarks history panel

Bookmarks and history will be shown as pull-down list like IE7.
Two additional toolbar-buttons are available.

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Added January 4, 2009


Unique "speed dial" add-on for Firefox that gives you a fast way to to open your favorite sites using keyboard shortcuts. Ctrl + Space invokes the 'Launcher' then a single letter key press opens a specific site. E.g: open Facebook by Ctrl + Space, F

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Added December 23, 2008

samfind Bookmarks Bar

The most customizable Bookmarks Bar ever. Fit more websites, search right from the Bar, use social sites. Move the bar anywhere and in any smart layout you want.

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Added December 4, 2008

Online Appointment Qlinks

OA Qlinks provides online appointment users with links to the owner's web site, appointment book and calendar. Most of the extension links require a membership. The appointment system will handle URL requests based on the user's login status and ID.

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Added December 3, 2008