Legacy link context menu

An add-on to swap places between Open Link in New Window and Open Link in New Tab. No more new windows by mistake!

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3 users


Removes all fixed elements to reduce distraction while reading.

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18 users

LEGO Batman Tribute New Tab

Our tribute to the new movie, LEGO Batman! See images from the movie on every new tab!

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LepraPanel2 Requires Restart

Навигационная панель для

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69 users pour les non abonnés Compatible with Firefox 57+

Supprime les articles pour les abonnés du site

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7 users


Show less chrome by default unless it's needed

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14 users


Let It Snow - Snowing effect in browser window.

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185 users

Lexis State Bill Search Enhancement

This add-on allows customers to review long lists of bills in an easier to read layout.

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Library window always on top

Sets Library window (bookmarks and downloads manager) on top of all other windows.
Simple lightweight addon.
It's useful if you want to never lose focus when opening or editing bookmarks. Might be helpful to monitor downloads in real time

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25 users

LibreOffice Editor Compatible with Firefox 57+

Create and edit documents with LibreOffice Online.

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461 users

Librus Średnia Ważona

Wtyczka ta umożliwia wyświetlanie średniej ocen w dzienniku LIBRUS gdy jest ona zablokowana przez administracje.

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22 users

Libup - Beautiful and practical start page

The most beautiful photos for your homepage and new tab on your firefox browser. Impressive backgrounds by the thousands. Discover each time you open firefox the most beautifully selected wallpapers. All with your favorite search engine.

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47 users


Get your age displayed in nano-years, each time you'll open a new tab, you'll be remembered that each second is unique.

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29 users

Light Switch

Allow to hide web content except multimedia elements.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars (13)
1,589 users

Lighterweight Themes for Australis

This extension modifies Lightweight Themes (formerly, "Personas") to reduce their impact and control their visibility in Australis (Firefox 29+).

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495 users

LightSquid domain tables Compatible with Firefox 57+

Convert standard tables on LightSquid's pages user_detail.cgi and topsites.cgi. Do some makeup's changes & get domain statistics.

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1 user

Lightweight Themes Manager

Manage your installed personas (lightweight themes).

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7,360 users

Ligue des fusées Compatible with Firefox 57+

Parce que Ligue des fusées est quand même mieux que Rocket League

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7 users Compatible with Firefox 57+

Dodatek pozwalający na weryfikację kliknięć w serwisie

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26 users

LiKeyChess - Lichess with your keyboard! Compatible with Firefox 57+

Makes it possible to play chess with your keyboard on using algebraic notation. PGN-notation is in the works!

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23 users