Alerts & Updates


Anti-Porn Warning

Displays a warning against porn on opening private tabs and windows.

Aimed at helping porn-addicts give up porn thanks to their will and a reminder a common point of temptation inside their browser.

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39 users

Firefox All Aboard 1.2

The Mozilla Firefox Educational Tool

Rated 1 out of 5 stars (1)
2,844 users Users Online Counter

Shows how many visitors are visiting your site right now.

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76 users

Twitter Notification Panel

Allows users to check notifications of Twitter from a panel interface.

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72 users


Live chat with your site visitors while browsing other websites.

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29 users

Manga Tree

Notify user when the new chapter of bookmarked manga is available.

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11 users

Screen Sharing Helper for RemoteMeeting

Helper utility for enabling screen sharing

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27 users

CHMag News

Latest security news, as they happen delivered right to you in (almost) real time

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4 users


Wollten sie schon eine(m/r) Freund(in) auf bestimmte Website Inhalte aufmerksam machen? Mit diesem Addon können Website Elemente markiert und via URL referenziert werden.

This addon that let you mark any website elements and refer to them via URL.

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5 users


Tenez-vous au courant des lives de Doigby en temps réel.

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442 users

Studentkortets Plugin

Få automatisk påminning på våre avtaler!

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81 users

Yesevi Lesson Reminder Requires Restart

This add-on automatially launches distance education lessons of Ahmet Yesevi University.

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8 users

Celtic Tuning Vehicle Stats

Celtic Tuning Vehicle Stats analyzes the page you are viewing and shows matching vehicle's stats - conveniently and inobtrusively.

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10 users

Spoiler Jedi

Your personal Jedi knight to protect you from Star Wars VII spoilers.

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64 users

Новости Харькова -

Новости сайта

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120 users

Classic Pop-up Alerts

This addon returns the old view of the pop-up notifications, as in Firefox 4.0 - 43.0

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760 users

Iene Hoje

Veja a cotação do Iene através do

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3 users

Notificador Blog TuAndroid

Alerta los usuarios sobre las novedades en el Blog TuAndorid. El blog de Android número 1 en Cuba.

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58 users

Surf Without Login for Google

Remove login in box automatically that forces you to login. And surf Google without login

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41 users

My Spot Plugin

Extension to remember MySpot users to make reservations

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24 users