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Wyszukiwanie allegro i powiadomienia ekspresowe. Alespotter pozwoli Ci być pierwszym! Nie przegap już nigdy więcej żadnej oferty!

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Added May 30, 2011

Clock It In

ClockIt.In Firefox toolbar extension. Clockitin is a simple and easy to use online time tracking site. Our goal is too make it easy to track your time through the day and quickly shift between tasks.

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Added May 28, 2011

MinichanNotifier No Restart

Checks for new PMs, citations, and watched replies on Minichan BBS

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Added May 27, 2011

Show Profile

Display profile hint on window title or customized locations (with or without individual icon).

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Added May 27, 2011

Wajestic Toolbar

Ne passez plus à côté de vos remboursements. Détection automatique des sites marchands partenaires, vous activez votre carte de fidélité en un clic !

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Added May 23, 2011

Privacy Dashboard

A privacy assistant developed by W3C for the PrimeLife project

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Added May 19, 2011

Google Adsense Checker

Google Adsense Checker can display the Adsense earnings on statusbar, it is similar to adsense notifier.

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Added May 18, 2011

Mozilla Balkans info widget.

Mozilla Balkans info widget.
Read latest news about Mozilla communities directly from your JetPack widget and stay informed. It uses information from our account @MozillaBalkans

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Added May 18, 2011


Extension to show in a bar current status on Zabbix. Zabbix 1.8.5 is supported.
You left click on the icon of "Z" in the lower right corner. Then you right-click, please. From here, let the initial configuration.

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Added May 16, 2011

Omer Reminder

A small reminder to count omer when openning a new firefox window

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Added May 11, 2011

comments addon for Firefox

comments on every webpage

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Added May 9, 2011

Remember Certificate Exception 4.0.*

Auto complete Firefox4 SSL certificate exception override.

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Added May 8, 2011


A progress bar for Firefox 4 and up

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Added May 8, 2011

Slackware package search bar

Packages search bar for Slacky friends!

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Added May 4, 2011

Unityfox No Restart

Adds a download progress bar and active downloads count to the Firefox icon on the launcher in Unity

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Added May 3, 2011

ebookers Travel + Weather + Currency + Calculator

Excellent desktop utility for currency conversion, weather update, calculator, world clock and updates on hotel & flight deals for your travel destination from

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Added May 2, 2011

Pretty Install

Use a doorhanger notification for add-on installation

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Added April 26, 2011

Soccer-Match Notifier

Erweiterung zur Anzeige von Soccer-Match Daten des Livespiels in der Statusleiste

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Added April 15, 2011


Bądź na bieżąco z Polibudą

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Added April 9, 2011

Gutschein-Melder (

Das Gutschein-Melder Add-On informiert Sie mit einem kleinem Statussymbol und einer Infoleiste über aktuelle Gutscheine, Rabatte und Schnäppchen für den von Ihnen aufgerufenen Online-Shop. Sparen kann so einfach sein...

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Added April 9, 2011