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Game Sharing Ext

Showing new game information to users

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Added September 28, 2016

Firefox All Aboard 1.2

The Mozilla Firefox Educational Tool

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Added September 27, 2016


Extension for checking availability of several websites

Source @GitHub:

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Added September 24, 2016 notifier

Mail notifier and manager for

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Added September 22, 2016

League Tails Extensions

Improve the user experience on League of Legends oficial websytes with League Tails features

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Added September 15, 2016

AnyPerk Extension

This extension provides a helpful reminder whenever you browse to a site that has perks on AnyPerk. Follow the link directly, login to your account, and redeem the perk first before buying!

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Added September 14, 2016


Fastest way to restart Firefox.

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Added September 13, 2016

Checker Plus for Google Drive™

Quickly browse your Google Drive files without opening a webpage and get notifications of modifications to your shared documents

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Added September 12, 2016

NCUE Net Reminder

Data stream reminder in net of NCUE dormitory

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Added September 12, 2016

Curse Highlight

Highlights curse words on lyrics websites.

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Added September 9, 2016

X-notifier Neo

Notifier for Gmail, iCloud, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and so on

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Added September 8, 2016

Yahoo™ Mail Notifier

Mail notifier (badge supported) and manager for in your Firefox panel

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Added September 7, 2016


Easy access to Firefox (about:performance) page

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Added September 7, 2016


C kan le live ?

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Added September 4, 2016


Findo is an intelligent search assistant which can search all your sources by description to find that document, email or contact.

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Added August 29, 2016

Screen-sharing ext-dev-kamlesh

A screen-sharing extension

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Added August 29, 2016

Time Display

It Displays Time on all pages of IRCTC website .it will be very usefull when you are trying to book talkal tickets.
Time on IRCTC By Chinna$rinu

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Added August 27, 2016

Russian Propaganda Detector

Warns the user if the current site is a part of the Russian propaganda in Bulgaria.

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Added August 25, 2016

Valdzor twitch alert v1.1

Soyez au courant quand votre streameur préféré commence à streamer!

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Added August 24, 2016

Kchehck - Bullshit detector for crowdfunding

This plugin will help to identify the projects you can trust and the others. Share your analysis with the community to detect scams.

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Added August 22, 2016