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Ein Addon Builder Addon

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Separated Values Formatter

A plugin to add a separated values formatter to Selenium-IDE

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453 users images with right-click

Uploads All kind of images from other sites to our Free Image Hosting site with Right Click Menu with Just One Click.This plugin allows you to easily host any jpg, png, or gif image

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ThunderTranslator: Thai-English instant translator

English-Thai-English instant word translation with Thai language segmentation

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Essential Baby Items Deal Tracker: Diapers/Formula

Based on our popular site -, this toolbar button easily allows you to track daily sales and deals on all essential baby items, such as diapers, formula, and baby wipes.

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bug555474 No Restart

Workaround Bug 555474 - While bookmark is dragged, the tooltip should not appear
This was fixed in places build on 04/Apr/2011.

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Friends on Netflix

See your friend's ratings within

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78 users - Geld sparen und verdienen

Dieses Addon benachrichtigt Sie automatisch über mögliche Verdienste und Provisionen, wenn Sie eine bei uns gelistete Website besuchen.

So verdienen Sie bares Geld beim Shopping im Internet, beim Anmelden in Communities, usw.

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Stock Viewer

China Stock Viewer

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Link Sgf Viewer

Open links to sgf files in an overlay div.
Note on SGF: support only version 4 (FF[4]) and the game of GO (Weiqi, Baduk) (GM[1]).

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Quickly download and convert YouTube videos to mp3 audio files.

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Google Reader SBBS

将google reader中的文章转载到虎踞龙蟠SBBS
compiled from greasemonkey script.

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Megafun toolbar

Megafun toolbar.

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Twitter RTL

Twitter RTL will transfer twitter UI from LTR to RTL. It will also translates most messages and pages of into Arabic. I hope that I add more RTL languages later.

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YouTube Views Facts

Includes some interesting facts about the number of views on a youtube video.

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Wikibox Intranet Client

Access and edit files on your own intranet. Wikibox intranet server is needed.

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Alerta Oferta

O Alerta Oferta discretamente notifica você quando o produto que você está acessando em uma loja está disponível por preços menores em outras lojas. Funciona em lojas do Brasil, Argentina, Chile, México, Colômbia, Peru e Venezuela.

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Splashtop Connect Bundle

Splashtop Connect is an alternative home page add-on that combines the best of your browser (eg. history + favorites) with your social feeds (via Yoono bundle) and Bing search.

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The Official 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup Add-on

Stay connected to the World Cup and download our new browser application. This is an add-on to your existing browser, meaning you can navigate in a more familiar environment while staying connected to the Cricket World Cup all the time you’re online.

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The Official Marc Anthony Add-on for Firefox

Stay connected to Marc Anthony and download his new browser application. This is an add-on to your existing browser, meaning you can surf the web in a more familiar environment while staying connected to Marc Anthony all the time you’re online.

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