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Extensive maths calculator

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im9 Rehost Requires Restart

Re-host your images quickly - image context menu will allow you to copy any image at free hosting... Speed up and save your website bandwidth by using for hotlinking your images at forums, blogs, Facebook etc.

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can easily send a noble train in tribalwars.
just make 4 tabpages with your attack.
then go to the first one and click on the logo in the right upper corner.

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Search Engines Organizer Requires Restart

Organize your search engines with separators and folders.

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Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player Compatible with Firefox 57+

Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player

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This toggle button can scroll long web pages witch add dynamic contents

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Baow Resource Manager Requires Restart

Baow Resource Manager is a tool that makes it easy to organize your web resources, download and save web pages , annotate with text or drawings, or edit documents and generate web pages.

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Certificate Manager

An add-on to simplify certificate management.

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MediaPimp - Internet Radio, Save Videos, and more Requires Restart

☛ MediaPimp is your Swiss Army Knife for Online Media. Radio, Music, Videos and much more:

♬ Listen to Any Internet Radio Station, Playlist, or MP3 ♬
✓ Save Videos from any Tube Site
✓ Similar Sites
✓ Translate
✓ Screenshot or Screengrab Selection

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ChessGames Requires Restart

search & replay chess games...

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Large Thai Script Requires Restart

Increases the Thai font size on web pages so it's more easily readable.

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FIRe-text Requires Restart

An extension to help simplify the process of editing e-texts.

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The Ultimate Free Stock Photo Search Tool Requires Restart

The Ultimate Browser Addon to easily find completely Free Stock Photos, Textures, Clipart and Illustrations. Find free stock photos from over 200 free imagery websites.

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MultiColumn Requires Restart

Switch the current page between single and multiple column layouts. Works only for most simple pages with minimal layout, e.g. basic text or print-preview pages.

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Dropfox Requires Restart

Dropfox supports you to share a profile across different environments by using tools such as Dropbox. Dropfox enables you to use so-called "extended user.js" which can include environment variables and regular Javascript codes. That enables you to ch...

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SSL Proxy Requires Restart

Connect to proxies which require an SSL connection.

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eQuake Alert II Requires Restart

Have you ever thought of getting alerts on land disasters like earth quake, right on your desktop . eQuake Alert is the solution for that...

New version compatible with newer versions of Firefox.

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FireSearchBar Requires Restart


Rated 3 out of 5 stars (3)
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Right-click close

Adds an option "close tab" to the right-click menu.

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eBay - Watch List - Show End Of Auction Requires Restart

eBay item description: Shows in the item watch-list the end-of-auction (as date and time) for each item.

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